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Fluent View

SO MUCH More than a multi-viewer

Fluent-View is the industry's most comprehensive heads-up display to help you create compelling live video.  Organize your Fluent-View to your advantage and customize it for your entire team. 

Hold your mouse over the numbers to see the unique benefits Fluent-View brings to your live production.

Fluent-View Benefits:

      1. Video and File Sources

      2. Four Outputs

      3. All Keys

      4. PixPad

      5. Control

      6. Clocks

      7. CG

      8. Fluent Watch-Folders

      9. Fluent Macros

      10. Chromakey

      11. Customize

      12. Limitless

      13. Replicate

Easy to Use

Fluent-View offers Touch Screen Power

For those more comfortable with computers than switcher surfaces, a Fluent-View touch screen offers tremendous, intuitive power.





Use up to 4 monitors with Fluent-ViewExpand the desktop control across four monitors to harness all the power inside.  Customize your Fluent-View to show 8 cameras, 7 channels of files, 4 outputs, and 6 keys.  Leave the CG open, add a second PixPad. 

You can also open a SoftPanel on the monitor or a laptop for a classic switcher lay-out.  Add our custom keyboard option, or even control it from an Android or iPad tablet. 





*Quad monitors optional on Granite; Mica and Flint systems support dual displays; 

pcc_logo.jpgFor my application, live arena sports, Broadcast Pix was a no-brainer. It beat the competition on performance and price. It does everything I need and want and then some. And their tech support is outstanding. I haven’t needed it much, but it might be the best reason to buy a Broadcast Pix.”

- Frank Blain
Owner of Pro Video Productions
Carver Arena, part of the Peoria Civic Center (PCC)