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Fluent View

SO MUCH More than a multi-viewer

Fluent-View is the industry's most comprehensive heads-up display to help you create compelling live video.  Organize your Fluent-View to your advantage and customize it for your entire team. 

Hold your mouse over the numbers to see the unique benefits Fluent-View brings to your live production.

Fluent-View Benefits:

      1. Video and File Sources

      2. Four Outputs

      3. All Keys

      4. PixPad

      5. Control

      6. Clocks

      7. CG

      8. Fluent Watch-Folders

      9. Fluent Macros

      10. Chromakey

      11. Customize

      12. Limitless

      13. Replicate

Easy to Use

Fluent-View offers Touch Screen Power

For those more comfortable with computers than switcher surfaces, a Fluent-View touch screen offers tremendous, intuitive power.





Use up to 4 monitors with Fluent-ViewExpand the desktop control across four monitors to harness all the power inside.  Customize your Fluent-View to show 8 cameras, 7 channels of files, 4 outputs, and 6 keys.  Leave the CG open, add a second PixPad. 

You can also open a SoftPanel on the monitor or a laptop for a classic switcher lay-out.  Add our custom keyboard option, or even control it from an Android or iPad tablet. 





*Quad monitors optional on Granite; Mica and Flint systems support dual displays; 

200px-wcfe-tv_logo.svg.pngThe control surface is nice, pretty intuitive. Whatever changes you make are reflected in the PixButtons, which is nice. It’s got very good bang for the buck. Broadcast Pix does it all in one box at a very attractive price. We like it a lot.”

- Charlie Zarbo
Director of engineering
Mountain Lake PBS (WCFE)
Plattsburgh, N.Y.