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Live webcasts, concerts, conferences, memorials & IMAG Productions

Broadcast Pix House of Worship Customers

Innovations in video production technology have opened new possibilities for church's looking to spread their worship message. Broadcast Pix offers video production solutions designed to create inspiring live video, for projection inside your sanctuary or broadcast on TV or the Internet. Broadcast Pix systems offer a patented 1-frame delay on gen-locked sources, even when creating picture-in-picture or scaling video, making them ideal for IMAG applications. With our Fluent Control integrated workflows and powerful performance tools, even a single operator to create a polished production using cameras, graphics, animations and clips. Produce for multiple screens, overflow rooms, broadcasting, streaming feeds, archiving and recording. Join leading churches across the world that spread their worship message, with sophisticated results, on Broadcast Pix systems.

Key Features

  • Spread your unique message with our intuitive interfaces and unmatched operator control.
  • Control all your show elements with our standard production toolset. Each of our multi-format switchers features customizable Fluent-View, dual channel clips, cg, patented device controls, embedded audio, virtual sets, keyers with DVEs and ClearKey chromakeyer and file-based macros.
  • Store up to 180 hours of clips and graphics
  • Create custom graphics and lower-thirds with built-in cg.
  • Create Fluent Macros to streamline switcher moves for easy live playback.
  • Customize your Fluent-View multi-view layout, displays all your content in stunning full motion. 
  • Control robotic cameras to include engaging images of your church, congregation and sermons.
  • Deliver simultaneous outputs > Distribute live video of your religious services online, while simultaneously producing an image magnification (I-MAG) video presentation in your sanctuary.
  • Our powerful yet easy to use systems are great for single operators and volunteers.

Broadcast Pix House of Worship Productions

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User Reports

Faith Chapel Christian Center

Faith Chapel Christian Center


Broadcast Pix Anchors HD Upgrade for Faith Chapel Christian Center

Faith Chapel Christian Center, a megachurch based in Birmingham, Ala., upgraded to an HD video infrastructure built around two Broadcast Pix integrated production switchers. The new HD system is used for I‑MAG presentations for the congregation, live streaming to and the church’s mobile app, and a 30-minute television broadcast of Sunday morning services for The Church Channel, which is part of the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN).

It’s perfect, it just makes it easy to adjust the display for a particular event. This is a very interactive church – customizable features are important.”
- Lionel Boone, Sr., Audio/video engineer

The Cove Church
Cove Church

The Cove Church Upgrades to HD Production with Broadcast Pix Granite 5000 Video Control Center

The Cove Church in Mooresville, N.C., is using a Granite™ 5000 2 M/E Video Control Center™ to produce image magnification (I-MAG) for its congregation during services, as well as simultaneously stream its services live on the Web and share the live video feed with three campuses across the state.

Our goal is not to be a TV production, but to help you ‘feel’ the venue and feel like you’re part of what’s going on.
       -  Greg Antisdel, Director of production

Calvary Chapel Modesto

Calvary Chapel Modesto Produces Live Webcasts with Broadcast Pix Granite Video Control Center

The Calvary Chapel Modesto, based in Modesto, Calif., is using its Granite 1000 integrated production switcher to produce live webcasts of its religious services for a growing online audience, while simultaneously delivering an image magnification (I-MAG) presentation across its 17-acre campus.
The Granite 1000 system has drastically simplified our workflow, enabling us to provide a more interactive experience for our congregation. Now, our members can access our religious services online anytime from anywhere."
       -  Jonathan Kehler, Administrative pastor

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ev1.tvFor us, there’s no other bundle of hardware with the cost effectiveness of Granite. We can operate all components from the panel with no need for other external equipment. Plus, Granite fits perfectly in our workflow with our Final Cut Pro workstations.”

- Nico Stähle
Chief Engineer