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Camera Control

Integrated Robotic Camera Control

Camera Control Supported Cameras

Add optional camera control to any Broadcast Pix integrated production switcher and experience total command of leading professional broadcast robotic cameras. Operators can control up to 9 or more robotic cameras directly from either a Broadcast Pix control panel or Fluent View multi-view. Camera control integration is so simple that even a single user can act as their own camera operator even during live productions.

Control Panel Control

The control panel's patented PixButtons can control preset positions, while displaying the name of each preset position. PixButtons can also be used to set the speed and movement range of camera panning and tilting. Utilize the panel's 3D joystick and knobs to manually control almost every aspect of your selected camera including; pan, tilt, zoom, focus, iris and white balance.

Fluent-View Control

The multi-view display, that already shows all your video outputs and inputs, also displays thumbnails of each camera preset position. These thumbnails views provide quick and error free camera selections that cannot be achieved even with expensive dedicated camera controllers. In addition, the operator has course and fine adjustment with variable acceleration for creating the perfect shot.

Fluent Macros

The Fluent Macros process of streamlining a series of switcher moves into one simple step, can further simplify Broadcast Pix camera control. Easily incorporate camera moves with Broadcast Pix Fluent Macros and automate your next production.

Cameras Supported

Sony, Lumens, and Vaddio (Option 800)
  • Can control a wide-range of Sony cameras, using the Sony VISCA protocol.
  • Control up to 12 cameras with 16 presets each. 
Hitachi (Option 801)
  • Can control a wide-range of Hitachi Eagle Pan/Tilt Heads, including the PT-101.
  • Up to 9 cameras with 32 presets each may be controlled.
  • Depending on your installation, other Eagle control cables may be necessary. 
Panasonic (Option 802)
  • Can control a wide-range of Panasonic cameras, including the AW-HE100, AW-PH400 and other Panasonic pan-tilt camera control systems.
  • Up to 12 cameras with up to 100 presets positions may be controlled.
  • Depending on your installation, other Panasonic control cables may be necessary. 
Telemetrics (Option 803)
  • Can control up to 10 Telemetrics camera systems including pan/tilt heads and robotic equipment, pedestals and tracks.
  • Broadcast Pix can control Telemetrics equipment on its own and in combination with both Telemetrics Studio Control Software applications.

Broadcast Pix Camera Control

To learn more about our robotic camera control options,
contact your local Broadcast Pix representative.

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