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Camera Control

Integrated Robotic Camera Control

Experience full movement control of leading robotic cameras from Sony, Panasonic, Telemetrics, Lumens, Vaddio and Hitachi

Camera Control Supported Cameras

Integrated camera control works with every Broadcast Pix system's integrated workflows to effortlessly extend operator control to up to 12 robotic cameras. This must-have switcher option provides full movement control from any Broadcast Pix device, including a touch-screen, iPad app, virtual panel or any of our 5 control panels. Offering great flexibility Broadcast Pix camera control can be used to control multiple cameras, from one or more manufacturers, without the need of additional equipment or support. Effortlessly showcase your talent or players from the best possible angle with Broadcast Pix integrated camera control. 

Control Panel Control

Choose to control your show cameras from any Broadcast Pix control panel using our patented PixButtons and device controls. PixButtons are our dynamic LED displays that show the device or file name assigned it, for maximum switching confidence. Your camera preset positions are displayed across your PixButtons, providing fast-action control over up to 100 different presets positions. PixButtons can also be used to set the speed and movement range of camera panning and tilting. Or if you prefer manual control, rely the dedicated device control area of your panel. Featuring a 3D joystick and knobs, you can manually control almost every aspect of your selected camera including; pan, tilt, zoom, focus, iris and white balance.

Fluent-View Control

The multi-view display, that already shows all your video outputs and inputs, also displays thumbnails of each camera preset position. These thumbnails views provide quick and error free camera selections that cannot be achieved even with expensive dedicated camera controllers. In addition, the operator has course and fine adjustment with variable acceleration for creating the perfect shot.

Fluent Macros

The Fluent Macros process of streamlining a series of switcher moves into one simple step, can further simplify Broadcast Pix camera control. Easily incorporate camera moves with Broadcast Pix Fluent Macros and automate your next production.

Enjoy complete control of these leading cameras:

Sony Cameras
  • Control up to 12 robotic Sony cameras, each with 16 presets
  • Now featuring control for Sony IP-based ptz cameras including the BRC-Z330, the BRC-900 and the SRG-300 models.
  • Works through a simple IP connection which offers easy installation of multiple cameras over long distances without the need of serial extenders or repeaters.
Panasonic Cameras
  • Control up to 12 robotic Panasonic cameras, with up to 100 preset positions
  • Features support for the entire line of the Panasonic AW series including the AW-HE100 and the AW-PH400.
Lumens Cameras
  • Control up to 12 robotic Lumens cameras, each with 16 presets
  • Features support for a variety of Lumens cameras including the VC-G30SU, the VC-A50S, the VC-G30 and the VC-G50.
Vaddio Cameras
  • Control up to 12 robotic Vaddio cameras
  • Features support for the RoboSHOT, ClearVIEW and PowerVIEW line of cameras.
  • Add Vaddio control through a serial connector or through an IP connection.
Telemetrics Cameras
  • Control up to 10 Telemetrics Camera Systems including pan/tilt heads and robotic equipment, pedestals and tracks.
  • Broadcast Pix systems can control Telemetrics equipment independently or in combination with both Telemetrics Studio Control Software applications.
  • Control up to 9 robotic Hitachi cameras, each with 32 presets
  • Features support of a wide-range of Hitachi Eagle Pan/Tilt Heads, including the PT-101.


Broadcast Pix Camera Control


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