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The Slo-Mo Replay Option for Blackmagic HyperDeck and AJA Ki Pro Systems


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PixPlay is the new slow motion sport replay option for all Roadie, Flint, Mica and Granite live production systems. Experience this must-get option that seamlessly integrates any Broadcast Pix switcher, with a Blackmagic HyperDeck or AJA Ki Pro disk recorder, to offer exceptional sports replay control - that is both easy to operate and delivers winning results.

Originally developed as a cost-effective solution so game officials could review footage for high school and college sports, PixPlay can also be used during production for almost any sports application, including football, basketball, baseball, soccer and even extreme sports like auto racing.

PixPlay Diagram

An operator can replay footage manually using controls on the front panel of the HyperDeck Studio or Ki Pro. With PixPlay, however, VTR control is ported to the production switcher along with six preset replay speeds. Users can also “scrub” or single step through a scene for better control and functionality.

PixPlay also includes an unlimited number of “in” points as part of a playback EDL, which instantly cues the proper scenes. All scoring plays during a football game, for example, can be selected and cued for instant playback at one of PixPlay’s preset replay speeds. 



Key Features

Here are 10 amazing facts about this great new sports option.

  1. Use your existing infrastructure from Blackmagic or AJA to turn them into sport replay channels
  2. Quality Matters. Record every angle at up to 220mbit in DNXHD or Apple Pro Res HQ
  3. Angles matter. Record up to 12 channels concurrently, add or reduce channels when you want at no additional cost
  4. Connect with second screen by posting instant real time slow motion replays to Video walls
  5. Unrivaled Control: Control all the angles and replays from the patented PixPad device on the Bpix panels
  6. Easy set up: Arrive 5 mins before the game, be set up and ready for the game in an instant
  7. Mix and match: work with Blackmagic and AJA together!
  8. Gang recording. Simply record all angles with one touch of a button
  9. Highlight reels. Mark the games highlights, name the clips and recall them at the touch of a pixpad button
  10. Create stadium wide replays for a fraction of the cost from the competition

Capture every winning moment with PixPlay!

To learn more about PixPlay, contact your local Broadcast Pix dealer.

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PixPlay with Hyperdeck and Ki Pro Systems

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