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Professional Integrated News Production Systems


bpixeznews_press_photo_web.jpgNews Production is now much Easier and more Affordable

Broadcast Pix and EZNews have teamed up to provide an integrated news room system. It’s perfect for micro stations, web broadcasters, colleges, companies and anyone that wants like the polished look a live news show without the big price tag.

Integrated News Production Systems from under $15,000
The systems include the award-winning Broadcast Pix Flint™ integrated live video production and streaming system, EZNews LT news production software and training from Automated Data Systems, and exclusive interface software that enables EZNews titles to automatically flow into the Flint’s built-in Harris Inscriber CG. Integration for larger Mica and Granite Broadcast Pix models and more robust EZNews systems is also available.

The systems combine the features of a traditional news control room into a highly integrated system that a small crew, or even a single person, can operate. Flint includes a production switcher, clip server, CG, macros, customizable multi-view, robotic camera control, and a choice of control surfaces. It can also incorporate content from cloud-based sources – such as Twitter, Skype, RSS feeds, Skype, and Dropbox – and output six broadcast formats while streaming and recording. The Flint system supports up to six cameras, but other Broadcast Pix systems that handle up to 22 cameras can also be paired with EZNews LT.

EZNews LT software provides highly integrated scripting, show building/rundowns, timing, prompting, and real-time, on-air show control. The interface software allows a reporter or producer to enter CG content while scripting, then, with a one-click upload, automatically play out graphics (titles, scoreboards, banners, etc.) on the Flint CG. EZNews LT is available in single user, three-user and six-user configurations, as well as larger versions.

What to Buy

 From Broadcast Pix
  • Flint, Mica or Granite system
  • Fluent Rapid CG EZ, to connect EZNews to Broadcast Pix CG
  • Popular options: Camera control, tally
From EZNews
  • EZNews LT single user, 3 user, 6 user or larger system
To Complete the New Automation System
  • Cameras, audio, teleprompter, lighting


“The system provides an opportunity
to focus our limited resources while
putting out a quality product.”

- April Cummings
News Director
Cayman 27







Where to Buy

Broadcast Pix components
EZNews components
(Only available in North America)

ball_state_uni_logo.jpegThe Broadcast Pix system allowed us to replace our switcher, CG, still store, and clip store with one box. Our control rooms are kind of compact, so having everything in the one frame saved us a lot of space. And just being able to get a lot of functionality out of one box saved us a lot of money.”

- Michael Dalton
Distance learning media manager
Ball State University, IN