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Which Model is Right for You?





  Integrated Ingest

  Video Inputs - SDI
Up to 4
8 + 1 key cut
11 to 22
                     - HDMI/Analog
Up to 3

  Files via Fluent Watch-folders
Yes Yes Yes
  Files via Cloud-Services
  Twitter, RSS Feeds, Databases and Scoreboards via Fluent Rapid CG Option Option
  Integrated Production Control

  Dual-channel Clip Servers
Up to 30 hours
Up to 30 hours
Up to 180 hours
  Inscriber CG Yes Yes
  Switcher Key Layers
 3 3 or 6
  Switcher M/E Banks
1 1 1 or 2
  Patented Device Controls
Yes Yes
  Customizable Fluent-View
Yes on 2 monitors
Yes on 2 monitors
Yes on 2 or 4 monitors
  Fluent Macros
Yes Yes
  Control Cameras
Option Option
  Control Panel choices 500, 1000, 2000
500, 1000, 2000
500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 6000
  Patented PixButtons
Yes Yes Yes

  Integrated Delivery

  Video Outputs - SDI Up to 2
6 6 or 12
                       - HDMI/Analog
Up to 4

                       - DVI

2 2
  Number of Composited Outputs via Program and PowerAuxes or Clean Feed 1 3 3
  Streaming Internal up to HD
External External
  Record  Internal up to HD
 External  External
  Maintain lip-sync with patented process
Yes Yes Yes
  Very low latency, for IMAG projection
 No  Yes
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200px-wcfe-tv_logo.svg.pngThe control surface is nice, pretty intuitive. Whatever changes you make are reflected in the PixButtons, which is nice. It’s got very good bang for the buck. Broadcast Pix does it all in one box at a very attractive price. We like it a lot.”

- Charlie Zarbo
Director of engineering
Mountain Lake PBS (WCFE)
Plattsburgh, N.Y.