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Broadcast Pix Flint

Multi-Configurable Integrated Production Switchers

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Introducing all the new Flint series from Broadcast Pix. Available now with integrated IP functionality, a powerful new motherboard and processor and new Version 6 software, Flint is the all-in-one live production solution for any application.

Broadcast Pix Flint™ integrated production switchers are completely configurable and customizable, designed to to streamline the creation of live video from ingest to distribution. Now available in two models, new Flint LX and LS systems include an NDI-compliant output and can be configured with up to four NDI/RTSP network inputs. Plus, all existing Flints can now accept up to two NDI/RTSP inputs through network inputs. 


  • Ingest multiple NDI inputs and output to NDI compliant devices
  • Ingest RTSP video streams from IP cameras
  • Includes up to 4 multi-def SDI, HDMI inputs + 4 network inputs (NDI, RTSP), 8 channels of clips and graphics, and 6 simultaneous outputs
  • Internal HD streaming, recording and audio mixing 
  • 2 Clip, 2 Logo, 2 CG and 2 Still Stores
  • 3 keyers each with DVEs and Virtual Studios with ClearKey™ chromakeyer 
  • BPNet™ media management & collaboration 
  • BPView™ customizable multi-view monitoring 
Flint’s multi-format switcher supports HD and SD cameras simultaneously, plus computer files and cloud-based content from Dropbox, Twitter, and other resources. With Broadcast Pix’s patented low constant delay, all sources are ingested and scaled while maintaining lip sync. Flint also features three key layers, two clip channels with built-in storage for up to 60 hours of content, and six graphics channels supporting the internal CG. Experience an easier way to create dynamic live video with Broadcast Pix Flint.
  Broadcast Pix Enhanced Flint Switcher with IP Support

New BPNet

All Flint systems now feature BPNet™ , the new Cloud-based, IP workflow management solution for sharing, converting, distributing, and archiving media files. BPNet expands media management inside and outside the BP ecosystem, providing a software foundation that unifies the Video, Control, and Data elements of IP production.

Version 6 Software

Available Now with BPNet

Introducing new Version 6 software for Broadcast Pix Flint systems. Version 6 offers amazing new levels of functionality for users within all areas of live video production including broadcast, sports, meetings and presentation. Purchase or upgrade to new Versions 6 today!


  • BPNet Integration 
  • Support for BPCommand Custom Control Interfaces 
  • Panacea Integrated Router Control 
  • Virtual Studios 
  • Source Controls 
  • Enhanced integrated VISCA Camera Control 
  • Matrox Monarch HD/HDX Streamer Control
BPNet Introduction Video

 Watch The BPNet Introduction Video here

BPNet Media Workflow Management and Storage

Broadcast Pix BPNet™ is the comprehensive cloud-based service for sharing, converting, distributing, and archiving media files. Pre-installed on all new Version 6 systems, BPNet encourages creativity and collaboration by providing a production ecosystem to address the video, control, and data needs of live, post, and other creative productions. 

From any web browser, BPNet will enable you to:

  • Securely contribute, share and collaborate from anywhere
  • Protect your valuable assets with effortless archive and backup to the cloud
  • Distribute to any platform, from social media to broadcast, with a single click
  • Manage the entire media lifecycle across any device, any distribution, any application with zero technical skill
  • Add scalable, on-demand storage and customizable service options
           Broadcast Pix BPNet Media Workflow Management and Storage


New BPCommand™ browser-based control interfaces—the easiest way to control production in broadcast, government meetings, volunteer-run productions, houses of worship, education, and other settings.

BPCommand empowers you to:

  • Enjoy your own customized control experience 
  • Drive your production from your desktop, tablet or mobile device with with sizable and adjustable screens 
  • Easily allow your non technical or volunteer staff effortlessly produce polished live productions
   Broadcast Pix BPCommand Custom Control Interfaces

Enhanced Device and Content Controls

Version 6 software enhances the built-in production toolset included on every Broadcast Pix Roadie system to provide you with fast-action control over all your studio devices and show content.

Purchase or upgrade today to enjoy:

  • Enhanced router control with support for Leitch Panacea
  • Virtual Studios: Broadcast Pix’s high-end virtual set platform powered by ClearKey™ advanced chromakey technology
  • Source Controls: Easily address problems with your show content. With our patented low constant delay, you can now modify and apply changes to source content, without the need of a keyer live during your on-air productions. Compensate for miss-treated video on a live feed or reposition a logo, all in real-time without the need to re-export any content.
  • Enhanced VISCA Camera Control
  • Matrox Monarch Streamer Control
Enhanced Device and Content Controls

How to Get New Version 6 Software

Version 6 is a free upgrade for customers who are still under warranty, while other users can upgrade for $995. Download Version 6 now from our support site

To learn more about Version 6, contact your local Broadcast Pix dealer. 
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childrensmemorial_logo.jpgWe have always aspired to having high quality programs and involving the kids as much as we can. That’s why we got the Broadcast Pix. It’s really reliable, and it’s easy to run a show.”

- Rene Roy
Children's Memorial Hospital
Chicago, IL