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Broadcast Pix Mica

Mid-sized Integrated Production Switchers


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Broadcast Pix Mica is the all-in-one best in class live integrated production switcher that will simplify the creation of dynamic video content for any user. Mica systems feature Fluent Control, our patented combination of integrated workflows and powerful performance tools. Every Mica systems can be customized to perform tasks within any type of production environment or show. Experience an easier way to produce great video content with Mica.

The Mica Series

Mid-size Mica systems feature 8 multi-def SDI inputs + 1 external key cut, 6 multi-def SDI outputs + 2 DVI outputs, and 8 channels of clips and graphics. The built-in dual-channel cg and clip server holds up to 60 hours of clips including H.264, Apple ProRes and Avid DNxHD file formats. Build great content with 3 or 6 key layers each with DVEs and ClearKey chromakeyer and our one-touch virtual set studios. Seamlessly control an entire studio of production tools and devices including new Sony IP-based PTZ cameras, Matrox Monarch HD streamers/recorders and AJA KUMO Routers. Deliver 4 unique outputs, with PowerAux, with our constant low delay. Broadcast Pix Mica switchers offer incredible production power and value for any size event or show.

Broadcast Pix Version 5 Software

Version 5 Software


Designed with you in mind, Version 5 simplifies live production making it easier to create great shows!

Reasons You Need Version 5!

  • Experience complete control over your sources, virtual sets and show devices.
  • Enjoy limitless creativity freedom with an easy to use feature set.
  • Easily create sophisticated content to rival any major network.
Version 5 Includes:
    • Virtual Studios
    • Source Controls
    •  Enhanced camera control
    • Matrox Monarch HD/HDX control

Virtual Studios

We created Virtual Studios to provide the best virtual set solution available in an integrated production switcher. New Virtual Studios will empower you to create sophisticated virtual environments utilizing control of up to 8 cameras through an easy-to-use interface. Enjoy multi-angle and zoom capabilities, expert control over light and the ability to apply sophisticated effects to your virtual set productions!
Broadcast Pix Virtual Studios

Source Controls

New source controls make it easy to address problems with show content. With our patented low constant delay, you can now modify and apply changes to source content, without the need of a keyer live during your on-air productions. Compensate for miss-treated video on a live feed or reposition a logo, all in real-time without the need to re-export any content.
   Broadcast Pix Source Controls

Enhanced Camera Control

Enjoy fully integrated control of up to 12 leading robotic cameras. This must-get feature provides full movement control from any Broadcast Pix device, including a touch-screen, iPad app, virtual panel or any of our control panels. Experience the great flexibility of our newly enhanced camera control , now including support for: Sony, Panasonic, Vaddio, Lumens, Hitachi, Telemetrics and Marshall cameras, including many IP-based models. 
Broadcast Pix Camera Control

Matrox Monarch HD/HDX Control

Depend on our integrated control of Matrox Monarch HD and HDX devices for the guaranteed delivery of high end streaming and recording. Enjoy streamlined control through our revolutionary one-touch PixPads.
Broadcast Pix Matrox Monarch Control

How to Get New Version 5 Software

Version 5 software is available now as a free upgrade for customers who are still under warranty, while other users can upgrade for $995. Download Version 5 now from our support site.

To learn more about Version 5, contact your local Broadcast Pix dealer

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Impulse Creative Group LogoThe show was very content heavy, a lot of HD video playback. Everything was in sync, everything could be controlled through one unit, and video quality was awesome.”

- Nate Selvidio
Co-owner of Impulse Creative Group
Impulse Creative Group
North Hollywood, CA