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Broadcast Pix Mica

Mid-sized Integrated Production Switchers


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Broadcast Pix Mica is the all-in-one best in class live integrated production switcher that will simplify the creation of dynamic video content for any user. Mica systems feature Fluent Control, our patented combination of integrated workflows and powerful performance tools. Every Mica systems can be customized to perform tasks within any type of production environment or show. Experience an easier way to produce great video content with Mica.

The Mica Series

Mid-size Mica systems feature 8 multi-def SDI inputs + 1 external key cut, 6 multi-def SDI outputs + 2 DVI outputs, and 8 channels of clips and graphics. The built-in dual-channel cg and clip server holds up to 60 hours of clips including H.264, Apple ProRes and Avid DNxHD file formats. Build great content with 3 or 6 key layers each with DVEs and ClearKey chromakeyer and our one-touch virtual set studios. Seamlessly control an entire studio of production tools and devices including new Sony IP-based PTZ cameras, Matrox Monarch HD streamers/recorders and AJA KUMO Routers. Deliver 4 unique outputs, with PowerAux, with our constant low delay. Broadcast Pix Mica switchers offer incredible production power and value for any size event or show.

Mica FeaturesMica Features

Fluent Control Workflows + Powerful Performance Tools

>>> Integrated Ingest >>>
Cameras, Files, Cloud-Content

Multiple Cameras
  Computer Files
  Studio Files
  Cloud Content
  Twitter, RRS, Data
Ingest CamerasMix and match up to 8 camera I/O formats, HD SDI, SD SDI. Input auto-detects 1080i, 720p or SD. 
  IIngest Filesnput moving video from Skype, PPT, or anything on a laptop, with Flint’s HDMI inputs. Has built-in cropping and scaling abilities.
  Ingest Watch-FoldersWatch-folders can accept clips, animations and graphics from Final Cut and more, even during a show. 
  Ingest Cloud-Based ContentConnect Watch-folders to Google Dropbox, Drive, and Microsoft One Drive to add content to your show, from anywhere.   Ingest RSS FeedsFlow Twitter and RSS feeds directly to air or first pre-screen. Graphics can be automatically updated and connected to Daktronics and OES scoreboards.

>>> Production Controls <<<
Integrated Production Tool Set

Control Surfaces   Multi-Format Switcher
  Customizable Multi-View   Device Controls
Control Surfaces Variety of control options. System comes with 2 monitors and keyboard and mouse, but can also be controlled via touch screen, iPad, or tablet. Optional control panels include a custom Fluent Keyboard, 500 compact panel, 1000 panel with patented PixButtons and an expanded 2000 panel.   IMica Multi-Format Switcherncludes 8 multi-def SDI inputs, another SDI input is available for a key source and 8 channels of built-in clips and graphics. Mix 1080i, 720p and SD video sources. 3 or 6 key layers each with a customizable DVE for Picture and Picture, flying keys and the ClearKey chromakeyer.   Customizable Multi-ViewSee all your I/O in high resolution, plus each key layer, file libraries, clocks, counters, safe areas, incoming files through watch-folders and more. Completely customizable as every window is resizable, movable and can eb replicated to create your optimum look.   Device Control BankEvery control surface has a device control bank that enables control of any internal or external device. Select the device and then use the 12 button PixPad to select any file, macro, robotic camera preset, etc. Device controls also include joystick, knobs and display. Enables fast action control of all content.
Dual-Channel Clip Server   CG Graphics   ClearKey
  Fluent Macros
Dual Channel Clip ServerPlayout up to 30 hours of clips and animations, with audio. Clips can be individually set to auto-start when taken to air, auto-transition, rewind, loop, etc. 
  CG GraphicsIncludes 8 channels of graphics and a built-in broadcast quality CG (Character generator).
  ClearKeyUse the next generation chromakeyer that features one touch control and delivers outstanding results.  
  Fluent MacrosUnique to Broadcast Pix, Fluent Macros easily executes any combination of video, files, and device moves for complex effects with the push of a button. Save up to 1000 macros. Great for double boxes, triple boxes and intros, and any complex shot.
Virtual Sets   External Device Control   PixPlay
  Add Operators
Virtual SetsShoot talent in front of a green or blue screen and then place in any location with virtual sets. Use the included sets, or easily create your own out of any picture with the included virtual set editor. Combine with Macros for PiP or slow zooms.    External Device ControlEasily operated by the Multi-View or control panel, control robotic cameras from Panasonic, Sony, Hitachi, Lumens or Telemetrics. Video servers and recorders from Blackmagic, AJA, Grass Valley, Omneon, Harris and 360 Systems. Streamers from ViewCast and more.   PixPlay Slo-Mo Sports ReplayThis optional feature will turn your system into a slow motion device when paired with a Blackmagic Hyperdeck or AJA Ki Pro.   Add OperatorsThis system can easily be controlled by one operator or shared for more complex productions. Add a graphics operator on the keyboard, or add an operator using a virtual panel, iPad or smartphone. 

<<< Integrated Delivery <<<
Deliver for Broadcast or Stream

Video Outputs   Multi-Screen   Ultra Low Latency
  Great Support
Video Outputs6 SDI multi-def outputs and 2 DVI outputs, great for monitoring and projection.  
Multi-Screen Video OutputDrive up to 3 screens at once with program and dual PowerAux™ outputs, and add key layers to all. Great for 3 IMAG screens, 3 internet streams, 3 television channels, or any combination.    
Delivery Low LatencyMaintain lip-sync no matter how hard you push Mica, thanks to our patented process. And enjoy exceptional end-to-end low latency of just 1 frame (that’s 33 ms at 60Hz, 40 ms at 50Hz).   
Great SupportWith Broadcast Pix you enjoy knowledgeable, helpful technical support. These experts can even log into your system remotely to diagnose any issue and help you create with confidence.

Mica is the middle member of the Broadcast Pix family of integrated production systems.

For smaller systems check out Flint and for larger systems Granite.

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ball_state_uni_logo.jpegThe Broadcast Pix system allowed us to replace our switcher, CG, still store, and clip store with one box. Our control rooms are kind of compact, so having everything in the one frame saved us a lot of space. And just being able to get a lot of functionality out of one box saved us a lot of money.”

- Michael Dalton
Distance learning media manager
Ball State University, IN