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Complete Live Production Solutions

Experience BP Solutions for Broadcast, Sports, Meetings and Presentation

Designed with you in mind, Broadcast Pix video production solutions make it easy for anyone to create great shows!  You will enjoy limitless creative freedom, unmatched operator control and produce sophisticated content to rival any major network. 

Broadcast Pix New for 2016 Flyer

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Integrating Production beyond the Switcher

Broadcast Pix BPNet SolutionsBPNet™ is Cloud-based workflow and media management for video production. Share, convert, distribute, and archive media files directly from Flint™, Granite™, Mica™, and Roadie™ live production switchers. Securely collaborate with anyone, anywhere, via their PC or mobile device browser. BPNet is what IP is all about—VideoControl, and Data united into seamless, flexible production. 


  • Drag & drop, accelerated upload to Cloud 
  • Instant preview with frame-by-frame control 
  • Access & create metadata 
  • Easily search, sort, and manage content 
  • Secure sharing for collaboration 
  • Highly secure, two-step verification 
  • High quality transcoding-no technical skill required 
  • Watch-Folder integration 
  • Available to all new and under-warranty BP switchers 
  • Scalable Cloud storage options

Integrated Production Switchers

Broadcast Pix Switchers

Broadcast Pix Integrated Production Switchers offer a one-of-a-kind video production experience to easily create, customize and control high-end live video for broadcast or stream. From leading broadcast professionals, to students and volunteers, our systems enable anyone to confidently create dynamic live video.

BP Production solutions offer:

  • BPNet™ media management & collaboration
  • Scalable I/O configurations 
  • Flexible, multi-definition I/O 
  • IP support for ASPEN, NDI, RTSP, SMPTE 2022-6 
  • IP control supports traditional panels, touch screens, tablets
  • Extensive control of PTZ cameras and other devices 
  • BPView™ customizable multi-view monitoring on up to 4 monitors 
  • Powerful macro creation 
  • Rapid CG data-driven graphics and social media integration 
  • Scoreboards, Stats, Names and agendas 
  • Social media integration


Broadcast Pix Rapid CG

Rapid CG

Rapid CG is an option for creating data-intensive graphics that automatically integrates databases, RSS feeds, and custom actions, like scorekeeping, into templates for customized graphics. Use Rapid CG to automatically flow data, graphics, and even Twitter content directly to air or pre-screen them first. Use Rapid CG for sports, elections, news and game shows.


  • Rapid CG 3 features the ability to output 2 channels, connect to external/cloud-based/web-based databases, connect to scoreboards and integrate with news automation software.
  • Rapid CG Lite features access to RSS, Twitter Feeds
    and action buttons.

Slow Motion Sports Replay


ReVue is the next generation sports replay system that includes a powerful multi-source HD server, 
Broadcast Pix Slow Motion Solutions
easy-to-use controller and intuitive multi-view. Deliver every game winning moment with ReVue!

Key Features:    

  • Instant replay from any camera angle, with 2 play out channels
  • High quality ingest of up to 4 SDI feeds
  • Dedicated multi-view for all inputs and outputs
  • On-the-fly marking of clips and highlights
  • Unique playback modes for engaging replays


PixPlay is the affordable sports replay solution that allows any Broadcast Pix switcher to
provide slow motion control to a Hyperdeck or Ki Pro recorder device.

Key Features:    

  • Control playback right from your control panel with 6 preset speeds
  • Scrub or single step through a scene
  • Unlimited number of "in" points to instantly cue proper scenes

Visual Radio

Broadcast Pix VOX

VOX Visual Radio

Visual radio is a quickly growing trend among radio broadcasters. Stations around the world are providing live video feeds of their radio programming via the Internet to turn their listeners into viewers. Turn your listeners into viewers with VOX.

Key Features:

  • Fully automated switching, operator optional
  • Automatically detects which microphone is active and produces video-follow-audio
  • Integrate up to 128 microphones
  • Control up to 22 robotic cameras

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jcb-logo2.jpgThe Broadcast Pix systems have certainly given us much more flexibility, faster show setup, and the ability to combine several sources across multiple screens to provide a more polished production.”

- Peter Marsland
Video production manager
JCB Worldwide Marketing