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Switchers / Graphics / Slow Motion

Broadcast Pix now offers a line of video production solutions that includes integrated production switchers, graphics systems, and slow motion sports replay devices. Ideal for any production, whether for broadcast, streaming or live events, Broadcast Pix provides unparrell video production tools to meet any budget. See how our uniquly configurable systems, of up to 30 channels and sources, can construct your ideal production environment for creating dynamic live video.

Integrated Live Production

Integrated Production Switchers

Our innovative integrated production systems all have leadership end-to-end integration, world class production tools and workflow, and delivery highly professional and compelling live video. Learn how these powerful yet easy-to-use systems can be configured to offer you your ideal video production experience.

End-to-End Integration

Standard on all our switchers models:

  • Integrated Ingest: Ingest multiple cameras, anything from your PC or Mac including Skype and Powerpoint, a flow of files from anywhere in your studio, cloud-based content, plus Twitter, RSS feeds and date,...
  • Integrated Production Control: At the heart of each system is a powerful video switcher, integrated with dual clip stores and CG graphics systems. The rich production toolset includes powerful control surfaces, exceptional monitoring, dazzling macros and virtual sets, Clearkey chromakeyer, patented device controls and PixButtons, control of cameras and other studio devices, and gracefully expanding to team control when needed.
  • Integrated Delivery: Deliver in multi-formats, deliver with patented lip-sync protection, some systems stream and internally record even at the same time or provide up to 3 screens.

Switcher Models


Broadcast Pix Flint™ provides tremendous value in a highly affordable system. It's powerful switcher accepts up to 6 cameras, 2 network inputs, plus 8 channels of built-in clips and graphics, and 3 key layers each with customizable PiPs, the new ClearKey chromakeyer and virtual sets. Flint also includes internal HD streaming and recording, an internal 8 channel audio mixer and the ability to simultanously output up to 6 video formats. In addition to Broadcast Pix's established production toolset and end to end intergration, you can choose your control surface of either a mouse, touch-screen, keyboard, iPad, or one of 3 pantented control panels – the 500, 1000 or 2000 panels. Configure your ideal Flint today. More on Flint


Broadcast Pix Mica™ adds more I/O and up to 6 key layers offering exceptional control and value. Mica has 8 multi-definition SDI inputs for cameras, another SDI input for a key source and 7 channels of file-based input for clips, graphics or animations. Now with a dual channel clip store and new ClearKey chromakeyer. Embedded CG can either be a Harris Inscriber or the new FX3D external CG. With build-in device controls for a Viewcast streamer, AJA Ki Pro and Blackmagic Hyperdeck recorders. Mca also includes end-to-end intergration, our professional productions toolset and the ability to deliver up to 3 screens. With it's exceptionally low latency, Mica is ideal for broadcast, streaming or live events. Choice of control surface choices are the same as Flint. Configure your ideal Mica today! More on Mica


Broadcast Pix Granite™ is our most powerful system and is perfect for the most sophisticated productions. It includes a Granite Switcher and a Granite Server. The switcher accepts up to 22 SDI inputs plus 7 channels of clips, animations and grahpics. Has 6 standard key layers and DVEs enable 4 PiP boxes. Output multiple formatsand use the built-in router to send any of the 22 inputs to any of the 12 outputs. Dual channel clip store holds up to 180 hours of clips. Mission-critical high redundancy includes redundant power, switching, panels and storage. The Granite X model has maximum I/O, and enlarged quad monitoring. Control surface choices include those on Flint and Mica plus the larger 2 M/E 5000 and 6000 panels. More on Granite

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See why Broadcast Pix has 4500 installations in well over 110 countries, including leaders in streaming , broadcast, corporate, education, religious, government, entertainment and mobile production.
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ball_state_uni_logo.jpegThe Broadcast Pix system allowed us to replace our switcher, CG, still store, and clip store with one box. Our control rooms are kind of compact, so having everything in the one frame saved us a lot of space. And just being able to get a lot of functionality out of one box saved us a lot of money.”

- Michael Dalton
Distance learning media manager
Ball State University, IN