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Broadcast Pix Roadie

Mobile Integrated Production Switcher

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Powerful, rugged and ready for the road, Broadcast Pix Roadie™ was built to simplify and streamline live production on location. Roadie is the mobile integrated production switcher that features built-in HD streaming and recording, our patented automation and control technologies, optimized production workflows and a built-in production toolset. Roadie can automatically connect to the Internet, cloud-based content and social media, allowing you to broadcast or stream in real-time with dedicated lip-sync protection. Confidently broadcast and stream using Roadie's built-in 17 inch HD display, included keyboard and mouse, or built-in virtual panel (just add a second touchscreen). Roadie can also be controlled by adding an optional Broadcast Pix control panel, or using your own tablet or smartphone via the iPixPanel control app. Ideal as a standalone solution, or the perfect companion to other Broadcast Pix switchers, Roadie's rugged design will empower even a single operator to easily create dynamic live video from any location. 


  • 4 multi-def video inputs + 2 network inputs (NDI, RTSP streams), 8 channels of clips and graphics, 6 simultaneous outputs 
  • Internal HD streaming, recording and audio mixing 
  • Built-in 2 Clip, 2 Logo, 2 CG and 2 Still Stores 
  • 3 keyers each with DVEs and Virtual Studios with ClearKey™ chromakeyer 
  • BPNet™ media management & collaboration
  • Light-weight 20 lb. system 
  • 17” touch-screen display with BPView™ 
  • Optional soft and hard carrying cases for easy travel
  • New Version 6 software
  Broadcast Pix Roadie with new BPNet


All Roadie systems now feature BPNet™, the new Cloud-based, IP workflow management solution for sharing, converting, distributing, and archiving media files. BPNet expands media management inside and outside the BP ecosystem, providing a software foundation that unifies the Video, Control, and Data elements of IP production.

Roadie Features

Roadie Features

Experience an easier way to produce great shows!

Ingest with ease

Multiple Cameras
Computer Files
Studio Files
Cloud Content
Twitter, RRS, Data
Ingest CamerasMix HD, SDI SD SDI, HDMI and analog cameras. Can also mix 1080i, 720p and SD formats. 

  IIngest Filesnput moving video from Skype, PPT, or anything on a laptop, with Roadie’s HDMI inputs. Has built-in cropping and scaling abilities.
  Ingest Watch-FoldersWatch-folders can accept clips, animations and graphics from Final Cut and more, even during a show.    Ingest Cloud-Based ContentConnect Watch-folders to Google Dropbox, Drive, and Microsoft One Drive to add content to your show, from anywhere.   Ingest RSS FeedsFlow Twitter and RSS feeds directly to air or first pre-screen. Graphics can be automatically updated and connected to Daktronics and OES scoreboards.

Use world-class production tools built for today's users

Control Surfaces
  Multi-Format Switcher
  Customizable Multi-View   Fluent Macros
Control Surfaces Variety of control options. System comes with integrated 17.3 inch touch-screen, keyboard and mouse. Easily add a second touch-screen, laptop, virtual panel or either a 500 or 1000 control panel.   IRoadie IOinput 4 video sources, plus 8 channels of built-in clips and graphics. 3 standard key layers each with a customizable DVE for Picture and Picture and flying keys plus ClearKey chromakeyer.   Customizable Multi-ViewIntegrated 17.3" touch-screen shows all I/O in high resolution, plus each key layer, file libraries, clocks, counters, safe areas, incoming files through watch-folders and more. Completely customizable layout; resize, move, replicate, save and recall. Add a second monitor through a DVI-I connection.   Fluent Macros Unique to Broadcast Pix, Fluent Macros easily executes any combination of video, files, and device moves for complex effects with the push of a button. Save up to 1000 macros. Great for double boxes, triple boxes and intros, and any complex shot.
Dual-Channel Clip Server
  CG Graphics   ClearKey
  Internal Audio Mixer
Dual Channel Clip ServerPlayout up to 30 hours of clips and animations, with audio. Clips can be individually set to auto-start when taken to air, auto-transition, rewind, loop, etc. 
  CG GraphicsIncludes dual-channel CG (Character generator).
  ClearKeyUse the next generation chromakeyer that features one touch control and delivers outstanding results.  
  Flint Internal Audio MixerControl 8-channel audio inputs from any camera or clip store on an intuitive audio interface. Mix embedded and external audio. 
Virtual Sets
  External Device Control   PixPlay   Add Operators
Virtual SetsShoot talent in front of a green or blue screen and then place in any location with virtual sets. Use the included sets, or easily create your own out of any picture with the included virtual set editor. Combine with Macros for PiP or slow zooms.    External Device ControlEasily operated by the Multi-View or optional control panel, control robotic cameras from Panasonic, Sony, Hitachi, Lumens or Telemetrics. Video servers and recorders from Blackmagic, AJA, Grass Valley, Omneon, Harris and 360 Systems. Streamers from ViewCast and more.   PixPlayThis optional feature will turn your system into a slow motion device when paired with a Blackmagic Hyperdeck or AJA Ki Pro.   Add OperatorsRoadies's integrated system can easily be controlled by one operator or shared for more complex productions. Add a graphics operator on the keyboard, or add an operator using a virtual panel, iPad or smartphone

Deliver exciting live video

  Video Outputs
Stream.FLV with Adobe Media Live Encoder at up to 720p resolution or .WMV with Windows Expression Encoder at SD resolution. Maintain lip-sync no matter how hard you push Roadie, thanks to our patented process.
Video OutputsSimultaneously output stream, HDMI, HD SDI, SD SDI and analog video formats. Simultaneous HD component, Y/C, and composite.  
RecordRecord your program output as the show is being created with internal program output recording, 1920x1080i Motion JPEG .AVI file with audio.

Roadie is a member of the Broadcast Pix family of integrated production systems.

For larger systems with more I/O, more key layers and media capacity check out FlintMica and Granite.  

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melrose_mass_tv_inc.jpgThat’s where the flexibility of the Broadcast Pix comes into play. We have a lot of effects that are constantly changing. Fluent Macros has been a saving grace for us. It’s very easy to use."

- Chip Potito
Production Engineer MMTV
Melrose, MA