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Broadcast Pix FX3D is an extremely versatile 3D CG that allows you to create, playout and connect with the video production switcher of your choice. Powered by a real-time 3D engine, FX3D includes a built-in 3D modeler and user-friendly creation tools. FX3D is ideal for live events, sports, broadcast news and channel branding. Experience sophisticated 3D motion graphics without the learning curve.

KEY Features

  • True real-time 3D animation environment with multi-resolution support. Create, edit and playout graphic content at anytime.
  • Complete control toolset to customize models and actions, or create your own. Easily apply your own logos, pictures and branding in real-time.
  • Extensive library of templates, 3D models, and textures are included. Examples includes score bugs, lower thirds, dueling boxes, lineups, player statistics cards, clocks, timers, logo fly-ins/outs, alpha wipes and more.
  • Import 3D models from popular applications such as 3DS Max, Maya, Softimage, Houdini, Lightwave, Cinema 4D, etc.
  • Combine graphics simultaneously on air, with exceptional full motion graphic control. Add or remove components such as lower thirds, tickers, bugs, logos, clocks and more from the air as needed.
  • Playout application can take your completed graphics live to air, search for graphics with keywords and includes a separate graphic preview window.
  • Support for true unicode, use any installed font to easily create 3D graphic elements
  • Great for sports, includes pre-built models, player app and intelligent sports-specific command panels.
Broadcast Pix FX3D

Complete 3D Modeler and Keyframe Animator

Use the integrated 3D modeler to design, create and model within a real-time 3D animation environment with resolution independent HD. Create your own 3D world from scratch, import or customize any template, 3D model or texture from the extensive built-in library. Create your own unique choreography in FX3D’s keyframe-based timeline. Control per-vertex or per-pixel (fragment) lighting, real-time reflections and adjustable soft shadows. Design multiple simultaneous crawls and rolls in any direction. Design and create stunning 3D graphic content with unlimited possibilities.
  1. Full object hierarchy
  2. Size, translation and rotation positioning controls
  3. Property sheet for displaying and modifying object properties
  4. Preview window for models and animations
  5. Keyframable Timeline

FX3D 3D Modeler and Keyframe Animator

Intuitive Simple Controls

Select how you want objects to move from a library of behaviorally-based motions. Complex motions can be built up from simple ones. Motion and other parameters (including transparency) can be inherited from object to object (with or without delays to give the appearance of cascading action). Objects can animate around each other in a hierarchical way and object parameters can be linked to respond to the actions of another object. Primitives include all the common 2D and 3D shapes as well as clocks, timers and date displays with configurable display formats. Additional stock objects include balls for all sports, baseball bats, ice skates, etc. Animations can be linked to sound files (.WAV)

FX3D Controls

Playout Application

FX3D Playout is a template-based rundown controller that brings completed graphics to air and includes a variety of asset search parameters, such as keywords and dates. Also allows manual or automatic graphic content updates via external resources, including RSS feeds or XML files, and supports multi-resolution output.

  1. Thumbnails list your animated graphics
  2. Create multiple instances of each animated graphic, each with different text and logos/ pictures. Changes take effect immediately or can be programmed to change on air.
  3. Graphics preview display
  4. Start and stop controls for each animation. Run multiple animations simultaneously.
  5. Clear button removes all your animations from the screen with a single click.

FX3D Playout Application

Optional Sports-specific Control Panels

for football, baseball, basketball, hockey and soccer

User-interface similar to a scoreboard controller. Maximum control and power in an efficient, intuitive, sports-specific interface. Custom panels for other applications can be ordered.

  1. Teams are displayed with player stats. Click once for Preview, again for Program.
  2. Player statistics are automatically updated and added to the game score.
  3. Program graphics, click to take them to air.
  4. Call up team graphics here. Intelligent graphics will automatically keep track of in-game stats, sort the top scorers, etc.
  5. Score and clock bug control
  6. Quickly create unexpected graphics

FX3D Optional Sports Control Panels

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the_rock_church_logo.gifVideo has always been a want, but budget is always a challenge. Broadcast Pix completely opened the door for video production at the church. Our quality instantly skyrocketed.”

- Luke Cobrae
Video Director
The Rock Church & World Outreach Center
San Bernadino, CA