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Broadcast Pix FX3D is an extremely versatile 3D CG that allows you to create, playout and connect with the video production switcher of your choice. Powered by a real-time 3D engine, FX3D includes a built-in 3D modeler and user-friendly creation tools. Experience sophisticated 3D motion graphics without the learning curve. 

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Includes a complete set of pre-made 3D graphics templates: Score bugs, lower thirds, dueling boxes, lineups, player statistics cards, clocks, timers, logo fly-ins/outs, alpha wipes and more.

Templates are easily customized with FX3D’s integrated 3D modeling tools and skins in various styles. Easily apply your own logos, pictures and branding.

Import 3D models from popular applications such as 3DS Max, Maya, Softimage, Houdini, Lightwave, Cinema 4D, etc. Or use FX3D’s integrated 3D modeler/animation tools to create your own.

Playout application to preview animations and take to air: Create multiple instances of each animated graphic - each one with different text and logos/ pictures. Changes take effect immediately and can even be programmed to change while the graphic is on the air.

Moving graphics can be freely combined on the air simultaneously while remaining independently controlled. Components such as lower thirds, tickers, bugs, logos, clocks and more can be taken on and off the air as needed. Animations can coexist in 3D space or always on top.

Optional command panels for baseball, basketball, football, hockey and soccer. User-interface similar to a scoreboard controller. Maximum control and power in an efficient, intuitive, sports-specific interface. Custom panels for other applications can be ordered. 


FX3D Features

  • Can be used as both upstream key-and-fill or downstream key. Independent Preview output to check animations before they go on-air.
  • Supports all SD and HD resolutions.
  • True Unicode: All installed fonts can be used without conversion to create 3D extruded elements in real-time.
  • Multiple simultaneous crawls and rolls in any direction with several ways to automatically update content, including images.
  • Intelligent font proportioning to fit type into designated spaces.
  • High level of photo realism with a choice of per-vertex or per-pixel (fragment) lighting, real-time reflections and adjustable soft shadows.
  • GPI action triggers.

FX3D Advantages

  • True real-time 3D animation environment. You can change and edit the content at any time.
  • Playout application with quick and easy text and image entry.
  • Graphics can get text and image content in real-time from external sources.
  • Prebuilt models, player app and intelligent sports-specific command panels that can keep track of in-game stats. Custom panels can be ordered for other applications such as news.
  • Complete toolset to customize models, actions or create your own from scratch. Models have been especially designed for customability.



FX3D User Interface

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coc_logo_4x2_300.jpgIt did exactly what we wanted at a price we could afford. The 2 M/E workflow is how we want to teach in the control room, and Broadcast Pix works better than any other system out there.”

- Ron Entrekin
Broadcast lab technical engineer
College of the Canyons
Valencia, CA