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FX3D is an extremely versatile 3D CG, this powerful system allows you to create, playout and connect with the video production switcher of your choice. Then simply build stunning 3D and 2D graphics with our easy to use interfaces and a template-based rundown controller. See how FX3D makes it easy to produce high end graphics with unlimited possibilities!

FX3D 3D Real Time 3D Graphics

FX3D offers advanced real time 3D rendering of the most sophisticated complex graphics that are required in today’s demanding live production environments. Moving your graphics to the next dimension from a typical 2D workflow, FX3D allows you to import 3D models such as OBJ or files from Maya, Lightwave , 3DS max, then add animation, texture mapping, lighting to the objects. Combine all this with animations that come preloaded with every system from our extensive library of assets.

FX3D Creation

Integrated into the creation license is a full rendering engine with the ability to create 2D and 3D primitive-based modelling objects. Full keyframe animations with curves are instantly available on the familiar UI timeline for the XYZ axis planes.

FX3D Library

We have made it easy to create. Every systems ships with a huge variety of royalty free library of assets for you to use in your live production environment. Making it easier to design complex shows, our extensive library includes 3D objects to be used in multiple scenarios such as Baseball, Hockey, American football, news graphics right through to election coverage. We have even taken it a step further by providing a large library of textures for you to use quickly and efficiently. Add them to your scene by simply using our drag and drop function.

FX3D Presets

You now don’t need a PHD to create sophisticated graphics. Time is of the essence in a fast paced sports or news environment. In order to cut down on wasted time, we have provided 100’s of real time presets stored in our animation library. Simply drag and drop the animation preset onto your object and the preset move will now be associated with that object in your production. Whether you need a rotating 3D baseball or a moving flag for election coverage graphics, the presets will save you 100’s of hours of time and effort in creating animations on your graphics.

FX3D Data Connection

Powerful data linking feature makes data integration very easy. Our easy to use Data linking feature offers a simple way to connect to multiple data sources such as ODBC databases, XML data or RSS feeds. Once the link to the data is made the images and data can be updated automatically by changes in the original data source.

FX3D Tickering

FX3D tickering solution allows you to create 3D tickers simply. Designed for ease of use, get up and tickering quickly. Works great in live environments for branding in areas such as sports, news, and traffic or weather information.

FX3D Font

FX3D is great because no matter what language you choose, it has true Unicode support allowing you to use any Truetype font installed on the workstation you are using. One can even use texture based 2D font rendering allowing you to adjust the shadows and borders like the traditional character generators used to do.


Your in house team will enjoy the simple way to connect to FX3D and easily connect to the API with the support of .NET programming and even acts as an active X component too. Through FX3D API, it is easy to create a powerful application to dynamically build statistics and scores, and even update 3D rolls or crawls.

FX3D Freedom

FX3D offers clients the freedom to choose their hardware options. FX3D offers the largest options for clients wanting to install on their own machine. Choose between Blackmagic, Bluefish or DVS boards and use either the consumer or the professional line of Nvidia graphics cards.

FX3D Move

FX3D offers a thunderbolt option for clients who want to make graphics on the go. Combining a thunderbolt laptop with a key and fill external I/O board from our approved third party vendor allows you to arrive and get set up in no time in a space saving way.

FX3D Playout Engine

The FX3D playout engine can control up to 8 FX3D creation stations allowing one person control the template based playout of graphics across multiple connected servers. Available on all Granite switchers or available for remote installation on other third party systems, the engine allows you to easy control all your graphics playout.

FX3D Ease Of Use

From the outset, we want to make it easier for everyone to create stunning graphics. Through our redesigned UI and using familiar workflows for people working with programs such as Adobe After Effects or Autodesk Maya, the move to using FX3D is effortless. Get up and running in a matter of hours. Use FX3D to produce high quality content but in the least amount of time.

FX3D in Sports

Switcher/sports replay/graphics, a perfect combination. By offering a truly integrated approach to clients working in the live sports environments’, Broadcast Pix offer a compelling solution, allowing customers produce stunning live sports by using the Broadcast Pix sports bundles.



FX3D User Interface

FX3D Texture Library and Materials

FX3D 3D Library

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