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VOX and VOX Lite

Turning Listeners Into Viewers Worldwide

VOX systems are a breakthrough in voice-automated productions, effectively eliminating the need for a technical director during live video productions.

The intelligence of VOX software auto-detects which microphone is active, triggers a series of camera moves accordingly, and activates Fluent Macros assigned to that microphone. Fluent Macros is a standard feature on any Broadcast Pix integrated production switcher, all compatible  with VOX, to create automatic audio-follow-video. Fluent Macros can be programmed to select camera presets, roll clips and animations, add or remove titles, and even execute sophisticated compositions such as picture-in-picture or a three-box. Plus, multiple macros can be assigned to each microphone - and selection criteria can be established - allowing each automated VOX production to yield dynamic live results every time.  


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KEY Features

VOX gives you all the features you need to deliver high-quality live visual productions.

  • Fully automated switching
  • Up to 22 video inputs
  • Up to 128 microphones
  • Up to 12 video inputs
  • Character Generator included
  • Up to 180 hours of clip storage
  • Lots of templates and presets
  • Control devices; PTZ cameras, recorders, and streamers
  • Automate using Fluent Macros and playlists
  • Control panel for manual switching
  • Link to existing radio automation
  VOX Workflow Diagram

Visual Radio User Story - VOX ROCKS the Q-music Beach House

Q Music logoQ-music, a radio network in Belgium and Holland, uses VOX to turn its audio programming into online entertainment for its Web-based audience. Since 2011, Q-music has aired live concerts and other events – while also streaming video coverage of the performances – LIVE from its Q-Beach House in Ostend, Belgium.

                                Check out their impressive results > > > > >

VOX Applications

VOX can be used in many applications to produce entertaining live productions. Any environment featuring multiple microphones can be automated to create video-follow-audio without the need for an operator - saving you time and money at every production. Some examples include:

  • Radio Stations - Visual Radio
  • Government Access Broadcasts
  • Corporate Web Productions
  • Auditorium Productions
  • Distance Learning
  • Panel Discussions
  • And more

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ev1.tvFor us, there’s no other bundle of hardware with the cost effectiveness of Granite. We can operate all components from the panel with no need for other external equipment. Plus, Granite fits perfectly in our workflow with our Final Cut Pro workstations.”

- Nico Stähle
Chief Engineer