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Visual Radio

Want to add a visual kick to your radio broadcast?  Meet VOX, voice-automation control for your live production.  This 1RU hardware controller is designed to operate with any Broadcast Pix Flint, Granite, or Mica video production system.  The intelligence of VOX software control eliminates the need for a technical director during live video productions, as it detects which microphone is active, switches to that camera, and triggers Fluent Macros assigned to that microphone.  Housed in a 1 RU chassis with eight microphone inputs, VOX includes camera control software for Panasonic and Sony robotic camera systems, and connects to any Broadcast Pix system via an RS-232 serial cable. Multiple VOX boxes can be cascaded to support up to 104 microphones.   

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Visual Radio at Q-Music

By Rudi Wynants 

Q MusicQ Music Beach House Control RoomRudi Wynants is an engineer with Q-music, an international radio network with stations in Belgium and Holland.

We used “Q-music Beach House” as a pilot of our Visual Radio project. The Q-music Beach House is a huge house built right on Ostend beach every July and August.  That is when we bring radio to our listeners in a very interesting format. We host “Sunset Concerts” and many other events and live performances.

This beach house has a complete radio studio infrastructure, with a complete IT-supported production desk and a room to mix concerts and performances on one of the three stages. There is also a video room for what we call “Visual Radio.” The radio fans can watch the show as it is produced. A fully-automated live stream was streamed on the Internet. The four cams in the studio are connected to Broadcast Pix VOX, and installed by Burst Video.

The stability of the Broadcast Pix system was just amazing – it never went down. I was surprised – even a little skeptical – about computer-based switching in the beginning. We finally configured three Broadcast Pix Mica systems for all three of our national radio stations.

Visual Radio is very big in the industry right now, and while some radio stations have been doing Visual Radio for some time, we wanted to add something extra as we always do. Q Music Control Room

We looked at how everyone else was doing Visual Radio, but we didn’t see any systems that gave us that extra “something.” It had to be very stable and powerful at the same time. It is easy to put a camera in a studio, but it is not so easy to make it interesting to watch. Broadcast Pix VOX makes it more dynamic by not giving the audience the feeling that everything is automated by a computer.

What we have in our studio is four microphones going from the DJs (our DJs do the mixing themselves) and then connected to VOX, which tell the Broadcast Pix system a certain microphone is used or not. That information is used to trigger a Fluent macro.

The macro has the pan/tilt/zoom camera information as well as switcher commands. We needed to “pimp up” the pacing, so we asked Burst Video to customize its response. We wanted to have different groups of macros for every situation we could think of. VOX can then randomly trigger one macro in the group. This way, we could make the cameras, graphics and the switcher do everything standalone and make each microphone response lead to a different interaction. But also, when nothing is happening with any microphone we created a random group of general macros. So, if nothing happens, the system still provides dynamic, interesting video.

The system doesn’t need an operator to run the switcher. For normal operations, the system runs completely standalone. You only need to program the macros.

To get the system to behave exactly as we wanted, we spent quite some time programming and customizing the macros. But after some tweaking and experimenting we were happy. The different ways of using the powerful Fluent Macros, combined with power of VOX can give you a lot of freedom! You can use this in so many different ways. For the Beach House, some of the general macros included cutting to the outside cameras. From the moment somebody starts talking, VOX cuts to that source. When nobody talks, you get angles from all the cameras on site, offering a great impression of the excitement and activity at Beach House.  

The hardware was just plug-and-play; setup was really easy. The set-up took some time before the cameras and macros responded exactly as we wanted, but when it was done it was done – and it was fun to do.

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north_coast_church_vistaca.jpgAn iPad app allows us to run our Broadcast Pix switcher remotely via WiFi from anywhere on our campus.  It's awesome.”

- Dennis Choy
Paster of Communications
North Coast Church
Vista, CA