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Broadcast Pix V3.0 Software

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Touch-Screen Control

Broadcast Pix is known for innovative panels that control both video and file-based content, but not every TD prefers a traditional control panel. Video Control Center 3.0 features the first optimized touch-screen control, with joystick and knobs for robotic camera control and picture-in-picture (PiP) box sizing. New controls simplify key layering, provide switcher transitions, and offer enhanced controls for source selection.  More

Touch-screen Demo Video

Check out this Touch-screen Control Demo Video
Touch-screen Control

Virtual Sets

Video Control Center 3.0’s new virtual set software with simplified chromakey setup enables up to eight cameras to have virtual backgrounds plus three key layers on top for PiP, titles, and motion backgrounds. Broadcast Pix provides several backgrounds, but any photo can be used – and a built-in image editor can crop and blur an image to simulate depth of field. The virtual sets can also integrate with Fluent-Macros for effects, such as three virtual sets in PiP boxes on an animated background.  More

Virtual Set Demo Video

Check out this Virtual Sets Demo Video

   Virtual Sets

VOX - Voice Automation

V3.2 also upgrades the 2000 control panel for Granite systems. Originally offered as a 1 M/E panel, the 2000 will now be able to be used as a 2 M/E panel for facilities that need 2 M/E functionality but do not have the space or budget for a larger control panel. 2 M/Es are great for setting up your next composition and flipping to it, or for controlling two screens.  More

VOX Demo Video

Check out this example of a VOX Voice-Automated Production

User Example - VOX ROCKS the Q-music Beach House

Q-music, a radio network in Belgium and Holland, uses VOX to turn its audio programming into online entertainment for its Web-based audience. In summer 2011, Q-music aired live concerts and other events – and streamed video coverage of the performances – from its Q-Beach House in Ostend, Belgium. The video productions were part of a pilot project for the network’s studio-based “Visual Radio” initiative, to be produced in three facilities with VOX and Broadcast Pix Mica systems. Broadcast Pix interviewed Rudy Wynants, an engineer with Q-music, who discussed the successful use of Broadcast Pix VOX automated switching and graphics.  Read the entire interview here.
  VOX - Voice Automation


Scoreboard Integration

Fluent Rapid CG 2 connects on-air graphics to databases, RSS feeds, custom action buttons, and now Daktronics scoreboard controllers and EZNews news titles. Second-generation features include dual channel for two graphics at once, as well as very fast updates including clocks by the second.  More

Free, Now Available 

A free download for all Granite and Mica systems, V3.0 software is now available here.
  Scoreboard Integration
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