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Broadcast Pix V3.2 Software

Enhancing 5 Devices

The pace of innovation at Broadcast Pix is accelerating. V3.2 software for Granite™ and Mica™ systems is the third software upgrade this year. This upgrade will enhance five of the core components of our system, making it even easier to create great live video with confidence.

Camera Control Thumbnails

The enhanced camera control software displays a thumbnail of the preset position of each robotic camera on the Fluent-View display, rather than just the number of each preset. These new thumbnails help an operator quickly select the camera position desired. Thumbnails can be created for up to 100 preset positions on each of up to 12 Panasonic robotic cameras, as well as 16 preset positions on each of up to 12 Sony robotic cameras.

New automatic camera follow enables the preset choices for a camera to appear as soon as the camera is selected by the switcher on preview. With enhancements to Fluent Macros, highly polished effects combining robotic cameras and other devices can now be easily created. The macro editor even shows the preset thumbnails, as shown below. 
Cameras in Fluent-Macros
V3.2 also improves manual control. Broadcast Pix camera control software enables manual control of pan, tilt, and zoom with a proportional 3D joystick that accelerates depending on how fast it is moved. V3.2 software enables even finer control for very long-range camera shots.  

And V3.2 also supports control of Panasonic cameras over IP, which simplifies and streamlines wiring.


Also Available

Version 3.1 Software Version 3.0 Software

  Camera Control Thumbnail

More Clip Formats

DNxHD, a native Avid 1080i or 720p QuickTime .mov file, is the third clip format supported by the clip server in every Broadcast Pix Granite and Mica system, joining ProRes and H.264. DNxHD clips can flow into the Broadcast Pix systems over a TCP/IP network directly from Avid editing stations using Fluent Watch-Folders, even in the middle of a live production. Up to 180 hours of clips can be stored and set to auto-start when the system’s integrated switcher takes them to air. Clips can also be set to automatically advance to the next clip or back to the source in preview.

V3.2 also expands the format choices for today’s ProRes and H.264 clips. 1080i is already supported and V3.2 will add support for 720p or Standard Definition (486i or 576i) for both ProRes and H.264. This streamlines workflow. And of course, all Broadcast Pix clip features are supported with these new formats including auto-start, auto-next, loop, mark points, scrub, and importing via Fluent Watch-folders.  

New in Clip Formats:

  • ProRes 1080i, 720p, SD
  • H.264 1080i, 720p, SD
  • Avid DNxHD 1080i, 720p 
   Avid Clips

Access 2 M/E’s on a Granite 2000

V3.2 also upgrades the 2000 control panel for Granite systems. Originally offered as a 1 M/E panel, the 2000 will now be able to be used as a 2 M/E panel for facilities that need 2 M/E functionality but do not have the space or budget for a larger control panel. 2 M/Es are great for setting up your next composition and flipping to it, or for controlling two screens.

2 M/E control is done by activating 4 buttons that are on every 2000 panel. A PixButton flips the program and preview bus rows and transition section from M/E 1 to M/E 2, or back. And two buttons at end of the program and preview rows enable transitions to the other M/E. A button at the end of the delegation row enables the M/E to be assigned to a key or to an output. 
Control 2 Systems
V3.2 also enables you to control 2 panels from 1 system, controlling 1 M/E per panel. This will work with a Granite 2000 and any other Broadcast Pix panel variation. Seen here, the 2000 panel is controlling 1 M/E for a television broadcast and the 1000 panel is controlling the other M/E for an internet stream.
  M/E Re-entry Controls

Frame Capture into a Still Store

The still store enhancement allows an operator to capture and use a frame in any of the system’s four processed outputs, including program, preview, a second M/E, PowerAuxes and Clean Feed. Frames can even be captured during an on-air show and used in that same show.

Linking Customized Fluent-Views to Shows

The Fluent-View enhancement will enable each show to have an associated customized monitor layout. Every window on the Fluent-View can be individually sized and positioned across up to four monitors. Now a custom layout can be linked to each show, automatically.

Show Links

Now you can link to each show a custom Fluent-View layout and to start your show, a custom Fluent Macro.  The way this is done is in PixMaster show editor there is a section where you can indicate what layout for the multi-view you would like to load and what Fluent Macro to start that show with.  This is a great feature that allows different operators to customize a show to match their resources.  Customize it for yourself or for a colleague with a prefered view.

Enhanced AJA Ki Pro Control

AJA Ki Pro control is now standard on all Broadcast Pix Integrated Production Systems.  It supports version 4 software and all rack units.


Fluent View
Customized Fluent-View
linked to a show

Show Links
Link to each show a custom Fluent-View or a Fluent Macro

AJA Ki Pro Rack Unit
AJA Ki Pro Rack Unit

Free, Now Available 

A free download for all Granite and Mica systems, V3.2 software is now available in beta on the Broadcast Pix Forum.

The new option of accessing 2 M/Es on your 2000 system, can be purchased for new and existing systems.  Call your local dealer today!


Broadcast Pix Beta Forum

belmont-media-center-logo.jpg“After extensive research, we felt that Broadcast Pix was the best match for us. It provides the ability for inexperienced people to learn the system really quickly, and it delivers a very high quality presentation. We are really happy with the performance of the Broadcast Pix.”

- Jeff Hansell
Executive Director
Belmont Media Center
Belmont, MA