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BPNet Upload App

Allows Easy, Secure Content Sharing from Mobile Devices

Introducing BPNet Upload, a free app for iOS and Android mobile devices that simplifies and accelerates the secure sharing of photo and video content. Available free on iTunes and Google Play, BPNet Upload works in conjunction with the new BPNet cloud-based video workflow service, allowing reporters to transfer media files from the field directly to a Broadcast Pix integrated production switcher.

The App Features include: 
  • Multiple accounts 
  • FileCatalyst UDP protocol (switchable on/off) 
  • FTPS with resume 
  • Meta data integration to BPNet 
  • Branding by using the logo uploaded to your BPNet account 
  • Rename files before upload 
  • View meta data on the phone 
  • Playback in the app
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With BPNet Upload, users can transfer content directly to any preselected switcher, or one file can be transferred to multiple destinations. Files can be renamed and are transcoded automatically before transferred to the switchers, so there are no formatting issues. Plus, the name of the journalist or contributor is displayed in the BPNet account, so control room personnel can track incoming files and progress status.

WBroadcast Pix BPNet Upload Apphile the quality of photos and videos recorded by mobile devices has increased significantly, file sizes have also increased. As a result, it has become more difficult to upload large files using public networks. BPNet Upload allows users to upload content in the background using the UDP protocol, which accelerates uploads and provides a secure transfer. For mobile journalists or freelancers, BPNet Upload supports multiple accounts, so users can provide content to multiple stations or clients. Content can be branded with the logo from each account, which helps the user track where the files are being sent. BPNet Upload also supports video playback, and allows metadata and an uploaded file history to be viewed on the mobile device.

“Social media as well as cell phone photos and videos have become important elements for broadcast news and other programming. Our new BPNet Upload makes it easy for anyone to share media content from their mobile devices with colleagues or directly to their Broadcast Pix switcher.”
-Kevin Prince, CEO