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Get Control of your Media

BPNet for use in Post Production, Film Editing and more

BPNet Cloud-Based Media Workflow Management is the first—and only—purpose-built Cloud service designed to meet the video, control and data needs of live-, post-, and other creative productions. Use BPNet to simplify media collaboration, transcoding, and distribution from both inside and outside of the control room. Discover how BPNet can empower users at every stage of media production to easily share, convert, distribute, archive and integrate securely through the cloud. Connect to BPNet today!

BPNet Media Management Features
BPNet User Interfaces


Securely contribute, share and collaborate from anywhere.
With BPNet, users can add any file or folder to their BPNet cloud service and then securely share it with anyone. Use the new BPNet Upload App to easily share your media content from your mobile devices. Senders have complete control over what the recipient sees and the permissions granted to the recipient. Two-factor authentication via text message ensures that only the recipient has access to the file. Virtually eliminate the headache of FTP for approvals, format conversions, QC, dailies review, asset contribution—BPNet is the only file-sharing service built exclusively for media production. 


Convert automatically from any file format for all your platform needs.
BPNet can convert to and from any video format. Simply select the file, drag it into the convert menu and select your desired format. BPNet will then transcode your files to the correct web, computer, professional video, and SD/HD broadcast formats.


Distribute your media content to any platform, from social media to broadcast, in one simple click.
Confidently publish your content with destination presets, automatic file conversions, filename control and copyright protection.

Dynamic Archive™

BPNet delivers mission-critical caliber protection over all your media content.
Use BPNet to create an archive of all your mas­ter files in any for­mat and codec. Once archived, you can search and man­age your mas­ter files and easily cre­ate transcoded ver­sions for share or download. Unlike traditional archive, you can easily view proxies and metadata of your content without the need to access the original file. Dynamic Archive™ offers a flexible backup environment with out the expense or workflow hassles, all at a 1/4 of the price of LTO and near line storage.


Use BPNet with any Broadcast Pix switcher to harness the power of the cloud.
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  BPNet Introduction Video
Watch the BPNet introduction video here

BPNet Cloud-based Media ManagementLearn more here and watch a brief tutorial

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