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BPNet brings the Power of the Cloud
to every Broadcast Pix Switcher

Connect your switcher to the cloud
Broadcast Pix Switcher Integration BPNet 


New Cloud Inputs

Broadcast Pix switchers already take up to 22 SDI inputs, as well as IP and media. Now with BPNet they can take “inputs” from the cloud. 
From a Smartphone or PC Download our BPNet app for any iOS or Android device, or open a browser on your PC or Mac, and with one click drop a video or photo into your switcher’s clip or graphic stores. Even in the middle of a live production an audience member can give you a video clip of the event from a new angle.

From Home or Anywhere Want to prepare your content offsite? Want to have a colleague send in some content from another location? Now it’s so easy since your switcher’s media libraries are in the cloud where content can be easily dropped in. It also can save you a lot of time in the studio since you can drop in new media before you get there.

No Format Worries Thanks to BPNet’s powerful conversion engines in the cloud, you can send it thousands of different video and audio formats and it automatically converts them to play on your switcher. 

New Cloud Outputs

Broadcast Pix switchers already produce up to 12 SDI outputs and IP. Now with BPNet they can “output” through the cloud.

Easy Post  When your production is done, with one click you can post it to your playout server, YouTube, social media, or share it with specific colleagues. And posting can be automatic at the end of the show.

Create your Own Branded Web Portal  Tired of posting things on YouTube in an unorganized and public way? Now with BPNet you can create your own branded web-portal, where you organize the content, and if you want you can make it viewable by only the audience you choose. The portal can be your own branded VOD (video on demand) system in the cloud.

Cloud Sharing built to handle the Demands of Video

Have you struggled with video on popular cloud drives? BPNet is different – it was designed for video. Uploads are faster, and when interrupted, they keep uploading where they left off, not back at the beginning. To view a video you don’t need to wait for it to download, just view a high quality proxy, even frame by frame. Add notes. BPNet can also auto-QC for sound, luminance and flashes.

Streamline Multi-Switcher installations

BPNet also makes it so easy to manage installations with multiple Broadcast Pix switchers, even if they are located in remote locations. Now when you want to change graphics on all your systems you can do it with one click, since you can connect with them all through the cloud. And you can easily move shows, set-ups and media from one switcher to another, or between multiple systems.
BPNet Connect Interface
From any browser, anywhere, you can drop a file into a show in your switcher, such as dropping this News Open into your Studio B switcher’s Evening News show.

Broadcast Pix BPNet Upload App
Use the BPNet app to send media directly to your switcher.
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Easy Archiving

BPNet’s Dynamic ArchiveTM can store your shows in an easy and safe place in the cloud, and you can attach the show’s media and it’s switcher settings. Unlike traditional archive you can view and share proxies, enter and search metadata and easily restore from the original file.

Safe, Proven BPNet

BPNet delivers mission-critical protection with built-in encryption and two-stage authentication, so only the people you choose have access to what you choose. The cloud software behind BPNet has been used for years by leading broadcasters in many countries, so it is battle tested. Now with BPNet it’s totally integrated with a switcher, providing a completely safe environment for you to connect your switcher to.

How to get BPNet for your switcher?

BPNet is included in all new Broadcast Pix systems and all systems under warranty. Customers with systems not under warranty can choose from a variety of affordable annual plans.
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BPNet Interface Diagram

Contact your local Broadcast Pix representative to learn more about BPNet 

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