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Broadcast Pix Broadcast Customers

Broadcasters worldwide have discovered that our innovative production systems provide a one-of-a-kind broadcast solution. Broadcast Pix switchers are powerful, reliable, and yet easy-to-use, with in the fast-paced environment of live broadcast programming. Whether your station wants to broadcast, stream or record, our customizable solutions will fit any production requirement or budget with broadcast-quality results.

Key Features

  • Ingest any form of content with up to 22 multi-def sources.
  • Experience unmatched operator control of all your show elements using in our built-in production tools: patented device controls, embedded audio, cg, virtual sets, up to 6 keyers with DVEs and ClearKey chromakeyer and file-based macros.
  • Enjoy rapid access to all your clips, graphics, stills, logos and animations from our internal store libraries, of up to 38 channels.
  • Built-in Watch Folders content management system can transfer media from edit suites and other sources directly to the system before or during a production.
  • BPView multi-viewer displays show all your sources, files, effects, and more in stunning full motion. 
  • Control multiple cameras, servers, decks and recorders through our open API infrastructure.
  • Broadcast or stream with low latency and high redundancy.

Broadcast Pix Broadcast Productions

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User Reports


KAZT-TV Control Room


KAZT-TV Upgrades to HD Production in Two Cities with Broadcast Pix

KAZT-TV, an independent station serving Arizona’s Phoenix/Prescott market (DMA #11), produces The Morning Scramble, a unique live morning show that produces the first 30 minutes from its Phoenix studio and the last 30 minutes from its Prescott location. The station upgraded both of its facilities to HD production, and anchored both control rooms with Granite X integrated production switchers. Fluent-View, Granite’s built-in customizable multi-view, was one of the system’s biggest selling points for the KAZT production team. Each series has a unique multi-view setup, tailored for individual technical directors.

From an engineering perspective, redundancy is extremely important – and the Broadcast Pix is one of the better built systems on the market, from its dual power supplies to its fail safe mode.”
        - Phil Hammon, chief engineer

MMTV Control Room

HD Upgrades for Melrose Community Access Include Broadcast Pix Granite 5000 System

MMTV uses their Granite 5000 to produce a variety of original programs, including After Hours, a talk show that is shared with other regional stations, and Sound Stage, which showcases local musicians. Original programs are available in HD on YouTube and presented locally in letterbox SD on Comcast and Verizon FiOS. Primarily driven by volunteers, MMTV programming is produced by people with varying degrees of production experience. MMTV uses Granite’s built-in Fluent-View customizable multi-view to accommodate both volunteers who prefer a more simplified setup and production veterans who want more information on screen.

MMTV has also customized its Granite to manage productions in both of its studios. The four-camera Studio A is the default, but the control panel can quickly change to a new layout for three-camera Studio B productions.

We’re able to control two studios with one switcher and do it well. That’s a great feature.”
       -  Chris DeThomas, MMTV engineer logo

ev1_tv Control Room Delivers News, Live Sports Coverage with Broadcast Pix, a local TV station covering the Emsland and Grafschaft Bentheim district in Lower Saxony, German, is using two Broadcast Pix Granite systems, one in the control room of its brand-new studio and the other in its OB van. Primarily, the station uses its systems to produce a daily newscast and talk show in the studio, while the production van is used to cover football games.

We can operate all components from the panel with no need for other external equipment. Plus, Granite fits perfectly in our workflow with our Final Cut Pro workstations.”
        - Nico Stähle, Chief Engineer for

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