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Broadcast Pix Education Customers

Broadcast Pix integrated production switchers are used in a variety of educational institutions, ranging from large multi-campus universities to local middle school and high schools, all helping their students create dynamic live video. Many schools are now offering broadcast production classes designed to teach career skills as well as promote student creativity and give them a way to express their own views.

Our all-in-one solutions are a great fit for any school, offering students fast-action control over all their show elements and limitless ways to express their creativity. Our unique approach gives any student the ability to create broadcast-quality results for a wide variety of applications. See why educational facilities worldwide are choosing Broadcast Pix!

Key Features

  • Plug and play all different types of cameras.
  • Access limitless video sources through our network inputs.
  • Control robotic PTZ cameras from your iPhone.
  • Control the entire production from your own iPad or laptop.
  • Add additional laptops for more control.
  • Full social media engagement, stay in touch with followers on twitter and facebook.
  • Play video clips from your Avid, Apple or Adobe edit suites.
  • Make a production anywhere with our integrated one touch virtual set studios.
  • Create broadcast-quality graphics simply with our built-in character generator.
  • Stream your production live on the web with one touch CDN presets.
  • Record your entire HD production internally.

Broadcast Pix Education Productions

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User Reports

MacFatter Technical College


McFatter Technical College Updates Aging Control Room with Broadcast Pix

McFatter Technical College and High School in Davie, FL, is training the next generation of video professionals with their Granite 6000 integrated production switcher. McFatter offers a television production curriculum for new students to begin learning the basics of switching. During the 17-20 months program, students produce 30-minute practice “drills” to test their emerging skills. Students who complete the program earn a Certificate of Completion from the state.

This is definitely a hands-on approach, they’re producing some amazing graphics (the built-in CG).”
- Frank J. Boulton, lead television production instructor

Webster City High School

Webster City High School Launches Live Sports Coverage with Broadcast Pix

Webster City High School in Webster City, Iowa, is using a Granite 1000 switcher to produce live coverage of their home sporting events as well as weekly student-produced newscasts. Students really like the Granite system, particularly the PixButtons, which include built-in displays to show the device icon and file name of a clip or graphic.

It’s very easy for them to know what source they’re on and where they’re going. It really makes it easy for them to operate.”
-  Mark Murphy, Director of technology

TSU Grantie 5000  

Texas Southern University Updates Control Room with Broadcast Pix Granite 5000

Texas Southern University (TSU) School of Communication has just added a Granite™ 5000 Video Control Center™ to its student control room. The control room serves as part of the school’s production laboratory, where sophomores, juniors, and seniors work with external producers to create content. Students produce a variety of projects, from news programs to short films, and much of the content is distributed through Comcast Cable’s on-demand portal.

It’s a wonderful tool. We wow the students, we wow visitors, and when we generate content, we wow the viewers.”

- Cliff Edwards, Director of broadcast engineering, School of Communication

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