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Granite's FAQs

How do I find my workstation serial number?
Click here for help on finding your serial number!

Where is the firmware on my hard panel?
Click here for help on finding your panel firmware

My IT Department is telling me to update the Operating System on my system. How can I do that?
Broadcast Pix does not allow for the Operating System to be updated on our systems unless we specifically advise you to do so.  The reason for this is the OS is regularly updated with added features, updated components that we have not tested.  Those changes could adversely affect your system performance.  We therefore recommend no updates to the OS.  If you need to move to a different OS than your current system has, please contact your Regional Sales Manager or local Dealer to advise you on how this can be accomplished by upgrading your Server.  

I have a new software version Option Code, do I need to remove my old one before I enter the new code?
If you are updating to release 4.0, it is advised to leave your old software option code on the system. You do not have to remove the old option code for your new code to function properly.

I just purchased a new Granite System, can I move my Control Panel between my Slate and Granite system now? 
It is not advised to move the Control Panel between models due to the improvements over time to the use of the chip sets in the Control Panel, they are newer versions. You can move up from Slate to Granite with the Control Panel but do not go back directly or you can corrupt the chip.

Need some advice on troubleshooting some basic problems? 
Often times the best way to solve a recent problem is to ask yourself some simple questions which get you thinking about the potential causes.  Is the issue you are seeing a problem or expected behavior? When did I notice the behavior change? What might have changed recently at that same time? Many times these simple answers can lead you to the cause.  Best example of this is when you physically move the system and re-cable but some sources are missing now.  It's a good idea to go back to the cables and check those to see if everything got put back to the correct connection.


What is the proper boot process for my Granite System? 
You should always have your Granite Switcher power up first.  The PWR LED on the front should be a fast pulsing Amber light, white light behind Broadcast Pix logo should be lit. Once this happens, you can then power on the Server device.  After the Server powers up, the  PWR LED light on the Switcher should slow down and turn to a Solid green light.  That will indicate good communication has taken place between the two devices.  If you do not get a green light on the Switcher, you should power down both devices (Server and Switcher, pulling power cords on the Switcher) and start the process over again.

What is the support Clip settings I should be using for my Granite System? 
File Size should be 1920x1080i, using a H.264 codec.   The file extension can be either a .mov or .mp4.  Frame Rate of 29.97 for NTSC or 25 for PAL..  For Version 2.0 or above we have added Apple ProRes PX, ProRes LT and ProRes 422 .mov files.  They can be used with 1920x1080 at 29.97 or 25 frames per second. It will not support ProRes HQ or 59.94 or 50 frames per second. 

Can I use a anti-virus protection software on my Granite System? 
Yes you can.  Many versions of anti-virus protection software have been used successfully on systems.  Some words of caution: be sure all automatic scanning and automatic updating can be turned off so they will not activate during a show production.  Be aware that if anti-virus software seems to have difficulty turning off Automatic Updates you may experience problems on the system and it would be best to remove it completely when shows are running.   All updating and scanning should only be done manually as part of a regular maintenance schedule on your system, nothing automatic. 

After updating my Broadcast Pix Software, what should I do? 
Instructions for all installations are provided in the zip folder that you download.  It is suggested prior to updating or installing to read all the install instructions so you are familiar with the simple process.  One of the key components is to please power down both the Granite Server and Switcher after an update of the software. Leave the Switcher off for about 15 seconds by pulling the power cord from the Switcher.  Power back up the Switcher, then power on the Server in your normal boot process.  

What is the latest driver for my Granite Quad Card NVS 420? 
To take full advantage of the card capabilities and maximize its performance on the system, you should be using the driver version available on our Downloads page.  All current drivers for supported graphic cards are available for download from our downloads page.  If you are a registered customer, simply log in as usual to our Support web page and proceed to the Download section.  Otherwise, complete the Customer Registration request under our Support tab on the web page and you will get immediate access to this information.

Should I be using the NVidia Control Panel to set up my monitors when using the Granite NVS 420 Quad card? 
The answer is No.  You should be doing your monitor set-up using the Windows level Display Properties.  Right click on the desktop, select Properties and go to the Settings tab.

What does the REF LED light mean on the front of the Granite Switcher? 
The light indicates the reference signal being fed into the Switcher.  Blue indicates 1080i, Green for 720p, Orange for SD and Yellow for Internal.

What happens if I don't use any External Sync on my Granite System? 
If no external sync signal is used with the Granite system, an internal sync signal will be used.  Your sources will now act as a-sync with up to a 2 frame delay (33/40ms).

I did not have Genlock connected to my Granite Switcher when I started the system, can I just connect it now? 
It is not recommended to connect your Reference Signal for Genlock after the application itself has been launched.  It would be best to connect and restart the application to achieve the best results.

I just saw an error message with ffff on my Granite System, what should I do? 
Releases of 2.1 have later have corrected this issue so upgrade your software for a solution.

Is there a maximum file size limit for Animations in the Granite Version 2.0? 
Maximum file size is 100 frames per animation if you are using 1 animation channel.  If you are using 2 animation channels, you can do 50 frames. 

I have an older version Granite 1.3.343 but you don't see my Clip Store? 
Remember you need to have an actual 1920x1080,H.264 codec, .mov or .mp4 file in your Clip Folder for your show in order for you to actively use the Clip Store.  Early Granite systems did not ship with a pre-installed Clip. 

Is the iPixPanel now able to use iOS 5?
Yes, The iPixPad and iPixPanel is compatible with all iOS versions up to, and including iOS 5 on the iPhone/iPod Touch (iPixPad only) and iPad (iPixPad and iPixPanel).

Granite now allows for Tri-Level Sync? 
Auto-detects external digital sync at 480/29.97(NTSC),720p 59.94, 1080/59.94, 576/25 (PAL), 720p50 or 1080/50.  Your LED Genlock light on the front of your Switcher unit as well as in the MultiView will be Blue for 1080i, Green for 720p and Orange for SD

Show Failed to Fully Load message? 
When you get this message loading a show, it simply is advising you that elements within the show file, perhaps a clip or graphic, no longer has the file associated with it available.  It is more of an advisory message to make you aware you should edit your show to ensure all files are present.  More than likely someone deleted a file on the desktop level without removing it from the show. 

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