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Mica's FAQs

How do I find my workstation serial number?

Click here for help on finding your serial number!

Where is the firmware on my hard panel?

Click here for help on finding your panel firmware

I have a new software version Option Code, do I need to remove my old one before I enter the new code?

If you are updating to release 4.0, it is advised to leave your old software option code on the system. You do not have to remove the old option code for your new code to function properly. 

My IT Department is telling me to update the Operating System on my system. How can I do that?

Broadcast Pix does not allow for the Operating System to be updated on our systems unless we specifically advise you to do so.  The reason for this is the OS is regularly updated with added features, updated components that we have not tested.  Those changes could adversely affect your system performance.  We therefore recommend no updates to the OS.  If you need to move to a different OS than your current system has, please contact your Regional Sales Manager or local Dealer to advise you on how this can be accomplished by upgrading your Server. 

Need some advice on troubleshooting some basic problems?

Often times the best way to solve a recent problem is to ask yourself some simple questions which get you thinking about the potential causes.  Is the issue you are seeing a problem or expected behavior? When did I notice the behavior change? What might have changed recently at that same time? Many times these simple answers can lead you to the cause.  Best example of this is when you physically move the system and re-cable but some sources are missing now.  It's a good idea to go back to the cables and check those to see if everything got put back to the correct connection.

What is the support Clip settings I should be using for my Mica/Granite Systems?

File Size should be 1920x1080i, using a H.264 codec.   The file extension can be either a .mov or .mp4.  Frame Rate of 29.97 for NTSC or 25 for PAL..  For Version 2.0 we have added Apple ProRes PX, ProRes LT and ProRes 422 .mov files.  They can be used with 1920x1080 at 29.97 or 25 frames per second. It will not support ProRes HQ or 59.94 or 50 frames per second.


Can I use a anti-virus protection software on my Mica System?

Yes you can.  Customers use anti-virus protection successfully on systems.  Some words of caution: be sure all automatic scanning and automatic updating can be turned off so they will not activate during a show production.  Be aware that 2011 version and beyond of AVG seems to have difficulty turning off Automatic Updates.  If you still wish to use AVG you can but we suggest you remove the application after a scan is complete.  All updating and scanning should only be done manually as part of a regular maintenance schedule on your system.


What happens after I update software on my Mica System?

After updating software you should always do a complete power down of the system. This will allow for installation of any firmware changes and better performance.


I did not have Genlock connected to my Mica Switcher when I started the system, can I just connect it now?

It is not recommended to connect your Reference Signal for Genlock after the application itself has been launched.  It would be best to connect and restart the application to achieve the best results.


Is the iPixPanel now able to use iOS 5?

Yes, The iPixPad and iPixPanel is compatible with all iOS versions up to, and including iOS 5 on the iPhone/iPod Touch (iPixPad only) and iPad (iPixPad and iPixPanel).


For version 3.0 installations  what do I do when I see the "found new hardware" message?

You can ignore the "found new hardware" window that will pop up during installation. It requires no action needed in those pop up windows.


"Show Failed to Fully Load" message?

When you get this message loading a show, it simply is advising you that elements within the show file, perhaps a clip or graphic, no longer has the file associated with it available.  It is more of an advisory message to make you aware you should edit your show to ensure all files are present.  More than likely someone deleted a file on the desktop level without removing it from the show.
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