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Customizable Multiview Monitoring

Standard on Roadie, flint, Mica and Granite switchers

Broadcast Pix BPView™ customizable multi-view offers unprecedented access and tactile control over all the components of your show. Replicate up to 4 screens with 16 full motion source windows to display inputs/clips/outputs in stunning full motion. View every key layer, file library, clock, counter, safe area and incoming files through Broadcast Pix Watch-Folders. Drive your entire show with a touch-screen or add an iPad, smartphone or any of our control panels to extend operator control. Every BPView comprehensive display is fully customizable allowing you to create, save and recall custom layouts for any show. 

BPView includes:

  • Source Windows: Includes support for up to 16 full-motion windows to view all your video and file sources, plus any of your 8 internal file libraries.
  • Output Windows: View and replicate Preview, Program, PowerAux, Clean Feed and/or a second M/E windows across up to 4 screens.
  • Real-time Displays: View individual clip and animation counters, time codes and tally information. 
  • Key Layer Windows: View the content and status of each of your key layers, key transition rate and any applied modifiers.
  • Watch-Folders™: View incoming files from your favorite editing and graphics systems, even during on-air productions. 
  • Fluent Macros: The only file-based memory system that fires off a sequence of switcher moves at the touch of a button. 
  • PixPads™: Select, edit and playout show elements, effects and macros from the multiview PixPad or the corresponding control panel PixPad. 
  • Embedded Audio: Standard on all models. Assign audio to any SDI output in the Outputs Assignment window. 
  • Internal CG: Create, edit and playout live graphics on air from your internal CG. 
  • ClearKey™ Chromakeyer: Use the next generation chromakeyer, featuring one-touch control, to deliver outstanding results. 
  • Virtual Studios: Create amazingly realistic virtual sets in real-time with user-friendly motion control. 
  • Show Transfer Utility: Save and share entire prepackaged shows between Broadcast Pix systems. 
  • Device Controls: View and control your external devices directly from your multiview display. 
BPView is more than a multiview – it’s an “all access” pass to your content, including all your live cameras, clips and other show elements, transitions and other effects, macros, graphics, and key layers. You can view and control your external devices and assign embedded audio to any SDI output. Plus, the real-time display lets you display clip and animation counters, time codes, tally information, and show clocks. In fact, using a touch-screen or iPad, you can drive your entire production through BPView instead of (or in addition to) a traditional control panel. Get unprecedented feedback and redundant control.

Of course, BPView is also an amazing multi-view with up to 16 full-motion and fully customizable windows. Every TD in your facility can create on-screen displays that work best for them. Create your own custom layouts across up to four monitors, then save them for future use. Keep it simple for your student broadcast or populate the screen with more windows to streamline challenging multi-camera sports productions. Plus, Broadcast Pix now offers Web-based interfaces specifically designed for church and government users, which minimizes training and simplifies monitoring and control.  

BPView puts all the elements of live video production, right at your fingertips,
making it easy to confidently create exciting live video.

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