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PowerAux Fluent View Screen

Multi-Screen Productions

Use program and dual PowerAux outputs to
Drive 3 screens with just 1 frame of delay

Broadcast Pix brings you unrivaled flexibility in your live multi-screen productions with PowerAux™. PowerAux allows 1 M/E Granite and Mica Video Control Centers to drive up to three different displays at once, and even allows a different operator to control each display, using a control surface, iPixPanel, on-screen soft panels or any combination of them.

Each PowerAux can be a unique source (camera, Program Out, CleanFeed, clip, still, etc). On top of that, it is called PowerAux because you have the added flexibility of assigning one or more keys to that destination. This makes is easier than ever before to originate live programming with differing audience needs. For example, an event could have Program Out projected on a main screen, with a different version for satellite locations, or a logo added to the live Internet stream. Multi-Screen Productions

If one of your destinations is a large screen in-house for Image Magnification (IMAG),  Broadcast Pix offers greater production confidence with a patented 1-frame delay, even if you are scaling a picture-in-picture or down-sampling 1080 images to 720 output. 

Lip-sync always with constant 1 Frame delay
Broadcast Pix systems have a patented process that maintains lip-sync no matter what. Other systems start out with low delay, but then add delay for different actions, like format conversion, aspect conversion, Picture-in-Pictures, other effects, or adding clips and graphics. Some systems start out with high delay and then add even more. Variable delay throws off lip-sync, no matter whether you are producing for television, the internet or projection. In projection applications, high delay makes the speaker out of sync with the big screen above them. Broadcast Pix systems keep everything in sync, and now do it across three screens, with multi-screen productions.

Maximum flexibility. Minimal delay - that's the Broadcast Pix way. 

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