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Broadcast Pix ClearKeyTM

The Next Generation Chromakeyer 

ClearKey features one touch control and can take on even the most challenging visuals and effects. Discover how ClearKey is both easy to use and delivers outstanding results.

Take control of shadows, spotlights, stubborn spill, soft edges, transparent objects, fully transparent areas and more.

ClearKey Features

ClearKey features precise, highly adjustable keying that can handle challenging visuals, such as glass or fast-moving or out of focus objects. Robust color correction removes the most stubborn spill from chromakeyed objects, which is important for virtual set use where color contamination is almost unavoidable. A key crop function can be used to confine the keying effect to certain areas of the screen.

ClearKey also creates more realistic shadow and lighting effects. Shine a spotlight on the background, for example, and it will shine on the virtual set as well. If a subject casts a shadow on the green or blue background, ClearKey can make the shadow appear on the virtual set, if desired. A simple eye dropper tool simplifies chromakey color selection, and intuitive controls make it easy to adjust lighting, shadow and spill correction effect.

ClearKey is completely integrated within any Broadcast Pix switcher and uses a simple eye dropper tool to pick the chromakey color right off the camera monitor, making it ideal for those who rely on virtual sets.

See how ClearKey is highly adjustable yet easy to operate - delivering outstanding results every time.


Great for Virtual Sets

ClearKey Results












ClearKey Controls Interface

ClearKey Chromakeyer and Clips 1 Window


To learn more about ClearKey, contact your local Broadcast Pix dealer.

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