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Device Controls

Experience Seamless control of ALL YOUR internal and external devices

Broadcast Pix Device Control Multi-Views

Broadcast Pix switchers feature Fluent Control, offering seamless integration and control over all your studio's devices.

Experience seamless control over a wide range of devices through our patented device controls. Device controls can be found on your Fluent-View display or on any of our control surface options. When a device is selected the entire bank of dedicated device controls become assigned to that device. A 1 M/E device control bank includes a joystick, knobs, motion buttons and a PixPad of 12 PixButtons. 2 M/E systems have 2 device control banks for expanded control. Use your device controls to drive a variety of internal and external devices including your internal clips, graphics and animations libraries, cg, effects, Fluent Marcos, keyers, cameras, servers, streamers, recorders, etc. See how easy it is to configure and control all your studio devices directly from your Broadcast Pix switcher's Fluent-View or control panel.   

Device Control Control Options
Device Controls - Clip Stores      
Multi-View CG Application
Control Your Devices
Experience fast control of both external and
internal devices from your control panel
or Fluent-View. 
  Clip Stores - 2 Channels
Instant access to SD and HD clips with up to 180 hrs
of available storage. Import and play-out with
embedded audio. 
CG - 2 Channels
Create broadcast quality graphics from scratch
or use included templates. Add motion with rolls,
crawls and 2D/3D animations. 
Device Controls - Unique Icons   Device Control - Animation Stores   Device Controls - PixButton Effect Controls
Still Stores - 2 Channels
Access or import countless photos and graphics
in a variety of file formats; .tga, .png, .jpg,
.gif, .bmp, and .png in HD resolutions.
  Animation Stores - 2 Channels
Animate transitions, logos and graphics. Playback
the sequence with audio. Use your own branded
logos or import in a variety of file formats.
Access and modify hundreds of DVE
and wipe transitions.
Device Controls - Keyers   Device Control Banks   Broadcast Pix Fluent Macros

3 or 6 Keys
Control each keyer's DVEs, sizing, cropping,
border controls and ClearKey chromakeyer.

  Device Control Banks
Dedicated portion of every control panel that is assigned to the device you are controlling. Includes joystick, knobs, motion buttons and PixPad.
  Fluent Macros
File-based device control of a series of
switcher moves or effects, streamlined into
a single button push.
Integrated Camera Control   Device Controls - Viewcast Streamer   Device Controls - Slow Motion
Robotic Camera Control
Control Sony, Panasonic, Hitachi, Telemetrics and Lumens robotic cameras. Includes preset positions,
tilt, pan, zoom, focus, iris and CCU controls.
  Servers / Recorders / Streamers
Control video servers and recorders from Blackmagic, AJA, EditShare, Grass Valley, Omneon, Harris and 360 Systems. Control streamers from ViewCast, and audio mixers from Yamaha and others.
  Slow Motion Devices
Control of up to 12 AJA Ki Pro or Blackmagic
HyperDecks disk recorders with optional
PixPlay Slow Motion.

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