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Dual Channel Clips

Add Stunning Clips and Animations

Standard on all integrated production switchers

Broadcast Pix Fluent Views with Dual Clips

Instant Access

Broadcast Pix standard dual clips puts hours of clips and animations right at your fingertips. Experience fast-action control of up to 180 hours of graphic content through our patented device controls. Simply press the Clips 1 or Clips 2 device select button and all your dedicated device controls become automatically assigned to your clip store - including PixPad, display window, knobs, joystick and motion controls. Your clip store content is instantly loaded into your PixPad, made up of 12 PixButtons each featuring dynamic LED displays to show the assigned device and file name. Since PixButtons show all your available clips by name, all of your graphic content is just a button push away. For expanded details and control options, see the corresponding PixPad on your Fluent View display. View thumbnails of each clip, their file name, meta data and setting.

Control and Automate

You can with manually control your clips, using motion controls, or streamline the process with our automated features. Access your clip motion controls through the Fluent View PixPad. Apply modifers to any clip. You can... Auto-start on transition to air. Create playlists. Set animations to loop. Scrub clips. Set mark in and out points. Adjust aspect controls and more. Broadcast Pix clip stores also natively changes the aspect ratio, with no added delay or morphing, to match your show content.

Import or Create

Add animations, with audio, to your next production. Clips can be individually set to auto-start when taken to air, auto-transition, rewind, loop, etc.

Popular Formats

Supported Clips Include: 1920x1080i ProRes PX/LT/422/HQ/4444, H.264 .mov/.mp4, DNxHD .mov, QT Animations, Motion JPEG .AVI


Broadcast Pix Features Dual Clips
Broadcast Pix Dual Clips Hold up to 180 hrs      
Import Clips
Dual Clips
Every integrated production switcher
features 2 multi-definition clips stores
  Store up to 180 hours clips
Playout up to 180 hours of clips
and animations, with audio.
Import Content
Import files from your favorite editing
and graphic systems.
Multi-View Counters and Tally   Multi-View PixPads   Dual Clips Playlist
Real-time Displays & Counters
View individual clip and animation counters,
time codes and tally information.
Instant access to all your clips through your
Multi-View and/or control surface PixPad.
  Create Playlists
View incoming files from your favorite editing and
graphics systems, even during on-air productions.
Clips PixPad Edit   Assign Audio Controls   Broadcast Pix ClearKey Chromakeyer
PixPad Controls
Clips can be individually set to auto-start
when taken to air, auto-transition,
rewind, loop, etc.
  Playout with Audio
Assign audio to any SDI output in the
Outputs Assignment window.
  ClearKey Chromakeyer
Use the next generation chromakeyer, featuring
one touch control, to deliver outstanding results.

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