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Fluent Macros

Create amazing effects with the memory system that combines switcher moves with specific files, camera moves, and more. Only from Broadcast Pix.

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Fluent Macros is a standard feature on all Broadcast Pix integrated production switchers, designed to simplify your workflow and produce amazing effects. This file-based memory system enables a sequence of panel button pushes to be recorded and then played out at the touch of a button.

At the heart of Fluent Macros is a file-based architecture that not only recalls button pushes and commands, but also accesses your clip, graphics and animation stores. The Fluent Macros program involves two basic processes; the Advanced Editor, to record, edit or modify an effect and a Player Interface that is used to trigger pre-made effects.

Fluent Macros Diagram
For example, this Fluent Macro shows the combination of multiple switcher pushes and file combinations that have been merged into one easy step. 3 picture-in-pictures in key layers + an animated background file + a lower third title + spinning logo > 1 button push, aka 1 Broadcast Pix Fluent Macro.

Key Features

  • Standard feature on all switchers and unique to Broadcast Pix
  • Record a macro in two ways; from the Macro Editor or directly from a control panel
  • Edit existing macros with ease, using the Macro Editor
  • Trigger your macros in two ways; from the Macro Player or from your control panel by using the MEM device or the designed macro row (only available on the 2000, 5000, and 6000 panels)
  • Save up to 400 macros using our control panel's device control banks
  • Fluent Macros can be used in many areas of live production to create professional transitions, or alpha wipes, or to operate our voice-automated VOX system.

See how easy it is to edit and fire-off dazzling effects with Broadcast Pix Fluent Macros.


Broadcast Pix Fluent Macros
File-based Macro Memories

Fluent Macros Editor
Fluent Macro Editor

Fluent Macros Player
Fluent Macro Player

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