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Broadcast Pix PixButton


Switch with Confidence

Broadcast Pix live video production systems feature our unique PixButtons. Found on many control devices, PixButtons have built-in LED displays showing operators exactly what source or file is behind every button. Switch with confidence with dynamically changing PixButtons, only from Broadcast Pix! 

PixButton Displays

Pixbuttons show what is loaded on every input, every key layer and every output. At the top they display an icon with the device name, such as a clip, graphic or animation, and beneath is the associated file name. Once pushed, PixButtons change dynaically during production to switch/load/access different files. The PixButton will change from green to red, as you take that file or soure to air.
  PixButton Diagram

PixButton showing the "OM BB Wipe"
clip from the Clips 2 store

PixButtons on Products

PixButtons are used on a variety of Broadcast Pix products such as our 1000, 2000, 5000 and 6000 control panels, virtual panels and remote panel. The image on the right shows the PixPad for both a 1000 control panel and a 1000 virtual panel. See all the useful places that you can take advantage of Broadcast Pix PixButtons. 

  • 1000 panels feature 9 PixButtons, 9 more with shift, per source row
  • 2000 panels feature 16 PixButtons per source row, 16 more with shift, plus a dedicated Fluent Macro row
  • 5000 panels add a second control bank and device control bank
  • 6000 panels feature 24 PixButtons per source row, 16 more with shift, for a total of 143 PixButtons
  • PixButtons on virtual panels are replicates of the PixButtons found on control panels
PixPads on 1000 Control Panel and Virtual Panel

PixButtons for Source Selection

On each product, PixButtons are strategically located for quick access during live productions. The image on the right shows a Broadcast Pix 2000 control panel with 16 PixButton rows for Program, Preview and Fluent Macros. It is easy to find any source through PixButton displays.

PixButtons for Device Selection

PixButtons are also used in the panel’s “Device Control” sections to provide fast access and control to a variety of  internal or external devices. Each device control bank includes a PixPad that is made up of 12 PixButtons. 

The lower image on the right, shows a PixPad that has been assigned to control the second channel of the internal clip store. The first nine PixButtons on the PixPad show the names of the first nine clips in this store. The 'AHEAD' clip is illuminated red, as it is the active clip. The 'Next' PixButton at the bottom will go to the next nine clips in the library. The 'Control' button enables features like jumping to a clip by number, for trimming clips, or setting to auto-start on transition.
PixButton Device Controls

Other PixButtons in the device control section can be assigned to cameras, decks, streamers and other external devices.

PixButton Edit Controls

The PixButtons on the PixPad are used for more then just content selection. They can also be used for modifiers, which are accessed by pressing the 'Controls' PixButton. For example PixButtons showing clip store modifiers can set mark-in and mark-out points, or set a clip to loop, or to auto-start when taken to air from preview to program. Other tools have their own modifiers, such as modifying a DVE box for size, position, crop, border size and color.
  PixButton Rows

PixButton Device Control PixPad

PixButtons for Keyer Control

You always know what content is in each keyer, thanks to the 3 or 6 Key PixButtons found in the keyer control section of your panel or multi-view. The color of each PixButton indicates tally, to show us which key is on-air, on preview or not currently in use. Of course, like all PixButtons, the Key PixButtons do more than just tell information at a glance. When pressed they also take each key on-air or off-air.

To learn more about PixButtons contact your local Broadcast Pix representative

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  PixButton Direct Keys
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