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Virtual Studios
Create Amazingly Realistic Virtual Sets With User-Friendly Motion Control

Key Features

    • Create spectacular virtual architectures in real time to rival major networks.
    • Elevate your virtual environment with multiple angle shots.
    • Simplify workflows with an intuitive user interface and preset controls.
    • Save pre-production time and reduce production costs, because it is usually easier, faster, and less expensive to build a virtual set than a high-quality real set.
    • Optimize your resources by producing several live shows on the same day in the same studio.
    • Creatively highlight company branding through virtual set elements, including picture-in—-picture effects and animations.
    • Simplify live productions by automating hundreds of virtual set moves, angles, backgrounds, and images with file-based macros.
    • Maintain your show look and share it through the Show Transfer system feature.

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 Virtual studios


Virtual Moves

Beyond basic virtual set systems, Virtual Studios includes the Virtual Moves feature, which saves up to four moves per camera for up to eight camera inputs without optical tracking systems. You can zoom, pan, and tilt in the foreground and within the virtual set – and then record those settings and recall various moves between them with a user-defined speed. The result is virtual camera movement without using extra keyer resources. Plus, using Fluent Macros, Broadcast Pix’s file-based macro system, you can recall multiple camera moves with the touch of a button, simplifying production while maintaining the look and feel of your show. 
  Broadcast Pix Virtual Moves


Replace the pillar boxes in 4:3 images to create polished 16:9 productions. Replace the black areas with your own custom image such as station call letters or logo and create stylish pillar boxes.
Broadcast Pix AutoFlags

ClearKey, The Next Generation Chromakeyer

Unlike other chromakeyers, ClearKey ensures your talent actually looks like they are in a virtual set, not pasted onto a background. Simply use ClearKey's intuitive keying controls to add astonishingly realistic shadow and lighting effects. Easily elevate your virtual set productions with this advanced, yet easy to use, chromakey tool.

  Broadcast Pix ClearKey Chromakeyer

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