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Fluent Watch-Folders

Broadcast Pix’s Integrated Media Management Solution


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Broadcast Pix built-in Watch Folders content management system allows users to transfer media from edit suites and other sources directly to your Broadcast Pix system before or during a production. Watch Folders are a standard feature on all Broadcast Pix integrated production switchers and part of our Fluent Control integrated workflows. Experience our patented process of seamlessly adding new content to your next live production with Broadcast Pix Fluent Watch-Folders.

Be Alerted to Incoming Files

Fluent Watch Folders was designed to enhance your production workflow, throughout your facility. Push in files from your favorite graphics and editing software. Import clips and graphics from your hard drive, CD, DVD, external disk, USB flash drive, computer network, etc. Copy your files to a designated Watch folder, and the content is automatically added to your show and your PixPad controls - ready for immediate use. Or apply your new content to a non-active show for later use.

Watch Folders are show-specific and can be applied to each device and channel within your show. Use the PixMaster content editor to activate the Watch Folder options. From here you can add content to a new Watch folder or any of your existing Watch folders. Additional options include the ability to overwrite existing files, single out graphics for live updates and more. Then just save your work to enable your Watch folder. Easily manage all your enabled Watch Folders through their individual show file icons, each containing its own sub-folder for clips, graphics, and other interstitials. See how easy it can be to automatically add clips and graphics to your show, even during a live production, with the unique Broadcast Pix Watch Folders.

Key Features

  • Add connect from anywhere by connecting Watch Folders to Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive
  • Import clips, graphics and animations from Final Cut Pro, Premier, Photoshop, PowerPoint, etc
  • Use the import options to resize or soften incoming content
  • Preview content > see a large thumbnail of any content element in any device
  • Rename content > rename any file at anytime
  • Remove content > removes content from your watch folder only, content will remain in your central library
  • Content summary > provides an easy way to see, save and print a list of your show content items
It's really easy the way it just shows up and you just pull it into your show. It's just seamless.”

- Brian Cisek
Production Manager

Watch Folders Ingest

Watch Folders accepts clips, graphics, and
animations, even during a live show

Watch Folders DiagramEasily set-up a Watch Folder for any
device or channel in your show

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