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Government Productions

City council meetings, Public announcements, training, Events & MOre

Broadcast Pix Government Customers

Broadcast Pix integrated production switchers are popular in many government applications. They are used by the U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, Voice of America, state houses, parliaments and a great many municipalities worldwide.

Using Broadcast Pix systems, government entities can televise state house and town hall meetings, and school board discussions with broadcast-quality production values. The integrated camera control option is very popular as it enables a solo operator to control robotic cameras. There is no more cost-effective way to create dynamic live video.

Key Features

  • Control multiple robotic cameras by control panel, multi-view, touch-screen or your mobile device.
  • Insert name keys and full-screen graphics live on-air with the built-in CG application.
  • Organize and access individual show folders and contents with integrated Watch-Folders.
  • Use iPixPanel, Broadcast Pix’s iPad-based virtual control panel, to switch a show from anywhere.
  • Easily access and use built-in clips, graphics and animation stores.
  • Show Transfer allows you to save and share your prepackaged shows between Broadcast Pix systems, in order to maintain your look and feel across productions.
  • BPView multi-viewers are both customizable and show all your inputs, outputs, keys, etc.
  • Intuitive interfaces and patented production panels let you control your entire show.
  • Open API capabilities offers seamless integration of all your studio devices.
  • Low latency and high redundancy.
Broadcast Pix Government Productions

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User Reports

Sarasota City Hill Logo

City of Sarasota Upgrades with Granite 2000


Sarasota Upgrades to HD Production for City Commission Coverage with Broadcast Pix

The City of Sarasota, FL has upgraded its City Hall facilities to a native HD infrastructure, anchored by a Granite 2000 integrated production switcher, to produce its city commission meetings for television and the Web.

“We can do things we just couldn’t do before, and we have the freedom to think creatively and improve our production values."

"Every time I sit down in front of the Granite, from the beginning of the meeting to the end of the meeting, I’m more convinced it was the right decision. It makes our productions easier and better.”

- Miles Larsen, Public Broadcasting Manager, City of Sarasota

South Carolina State House Control Room

South Carolina Installs Two Broadcast Pix Mica Systems for HD Video Coverage of State House

South Carolina Educational Television (SCETV) produces a variety of original television programming and provides video production services for other state agencies, one of its primary responsibilities is coverage of the state’s House of Representatives and Senate proceedings. Video production for each chamber is handled by one operator, who switches and positions the cameras, monitors audio, and inserts name keys and full-screen graphics using Mica’s built-in CG.

I think it’s great, and we’ve been getting a lot of compliments.
       -  Ben Wilson, SCETV, Project Manager of Engineering

Columbus Consolidated Government TV

Columbus Consolidated Government TV Builds New Control Room around Broadcast Pix

CCG-TV uses their Granite 2000 system to control 4 Panasonic HD PTZ cameras during meetings, frequently relaying on the included camera presets to simplify production. In fact, CCG-TV uses many of Granite’s built-in workflow tools, including Inscriber CG and Fluent-View, its customizable multi-view. With Fluent Watch-Folders, each show has its own folder for clips, graphics, and other interstitials.
You don’t have to shuffle through a lot of stuff you don’t need. We do nine different programs. It keeps everything simple.
       -  Michael King, CCG-TV Station Manager


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