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Broadcast Pix Control Surfaces

  Broadcast Pix offers a variety of control surfaces to fit your production needs. Systems come standard with keyboard and mouse, plus support for up to 4 multi-view monitors. You can add a touch-screen, virtual panel, or our iPad control app. Or choose from our 5 available control panels. Featuring IP integration, our configurable control options empower anyone to easily create great shows. 




Broadcast Pix Commander provides a sophisticated control experience with an intuitive user interface.

  • Designed for the demanding production workflows of government meetings, houses of worship, education, and other live production settings.
  • Execute sophisticated production sequences that blend source switching, robotic camera control, and graphics simply at the press of a button.
  • Enjoy great ease-of-use, no technical skill is required.
Broadcast Pix Commander

Experience tactile control over all your show elements by adding a touch-screen.

  • Fully customizable layout with resizable windows. Includes support across 2 screens. Save and recall layouts for future use.
  • Touch to bring sources on and off air, assign key layers, access device controls and the built-in cg. Even fire off macros and control your PixPad's joystick and knobs. 
Touchscreen Control



500 Control Panel
The Broadcast Pix 500 control panel packs a full set of professional controls into a highly compact package.
  • The switcher features 9 source buttons per row (9 more with shift), 3 key layers and fader bar.
  • The device control bank includes a 12 button PixPad that corresponds to the one displayed on the multi-view. Also includes 3 axis joystick, knobs, display and other controls.

Broadcast Pix 500 Control Panel



Broadcast Pix 500 Panel



1000 Control Panel
    The Broadcast Pix 1000 control panel adds our patented PixButtons which feature dynamically changing LED displays to show the corresponding icon and file name. Switch video and file-based sources with maximum confidence.
  • The switcher features 9 PixButtons (shift for 9 more) and delegation controls for 3 key layers (shift for 3 more) or auxiliary outputs.
  • The dedicated device control bank provides rapid access and easy control of all internal and external files and sources. Includes PixPad, PixButtons, dedicated buttons for each internal store, joystick, knobs, and display.

Broadcast Pix 1000 Control Panel


Broadcast Pix 1000 Panel



2000 Control Panel
    The Broadcast Pix 2000 panel is the largest and most powerful 1 M/E panel to easily access more content. Plus adds a dedicated row of macro PixButtons.
  • The switcher has 16 buttons per source row and a control bank that includes sources, next transition controls with fader arm and key controls.
  • Adds a dedicated row of 16 macro buttons. Access 32 buttons, with shift.
  • Expanded device control section includes 4 assignable external buttons.
  • 6 Keyers with priority controls, 6 DVEs and PiP and ClearKey chromakeyer.
  • Delegation controls for each key layer and auxiliary bus output.

Broadcast Pix 2000 Control Panel



Broadcast Pix 2000 Panel



5000 Control Panel
    The Broadcast Pix 5000 panel features full 2 M/E control.
  • The switcher includes 16 buttons per source row, 2 device control banks and separate banks of 2 M/E controls. Each include controls for program and preview rows, a next transition section with fader arm, transition controls, wipe generator, fade-to-black and 6 keyers. 
  • Expanded macro control add a dedicated macro display and play button. 
  • Delegation controls include 6 keyers and 12 auxiliary buses. 

2 M/E Power

Broadcast Pix 5000 Control Panel


6000 Control Panel

Broadcast Pix 6000 is the largest panel, with the most features, for ultimate show control.

  • The switcher features 24 source buttons per row, 143 PixButtons, 2 device control banks and 2 larger 2 M/E controls banks. Each M/E has controls for program and preview rows, and a next transition section with fader arm, transition controls, wipe generator, fade-to-black and 6 keyers. 
  • Ultimate macro control features a dedicated row of 24 PixButtons (shift for 48), plus macro display and play button. 

Maximum 2 M/E Power

Broadcast Pix 6000 Control Panel


Tablet or Smartphone with our iPixPad Control App

Control your system with either our iPixPad or iPad app, providing an intuitive wireless control surface for any operator. Or easily add a second control surface for a second operator.

  • Replicates a Broadcast Pix control panel with PixButtons and device control bank.
  • Includes 3-axis joystick, rotary knobs, mnemonics, powerful connectivity, and auto-detection and configuration of the model it’s controlling.
  • Controls all aspects of a Broadcast Pix system to create professional live video.
The iPad control app is priced at $9.99 and the smartphone app is free. Download them today from the app store.

Wireless Control


Custom Keyboard


Virtual Panel

    The affordable custom solution.

Broadcast Pix Custom Keyboard

Easily add a second operator with a software control panel. Broadcast Pix Soft Panels replicate any control panel in a web browser, providing expanded control over all your live video elements.

Broadcast Pix Virtual Panel
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