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Remote Panel

Remote Panel

The Other Half of a Perfect Pair

Whether you have a large team or a single Mica or Granite operator, the Broadcast Pix Remote Panel is a valuable addition to augment your productions. This is not just a simple Aux panel. Instead, it gives you full, file-based Fluent Macro control in addition to the more traditional routing functions of an X/Y panel.

Full Routing Control

Granite I/O

At its heart, the Remote Aux Panel can send any one of your 11 or 22 external sources, as well as your Program, Preview, Clean Feed, Power Aux, M/E 1 Program*, or M/E 1 Preview,* to any of your system’s outputs at the simple push of a button.

*Requires 2 M/E system

Fluent Macro Control

Remote Panel MacrosUnlike a simple Router Aux Panel, in Macro mode you can assign your 11 or 22 most-used macros and keep them right in front of you or another team member to keep your effects and compositions running at all times. Give one to your graphics operator to trigger complex graphic composites. Give one to your on-air talent and let them bring in relevant information on screen while they talk about it. Give one to your Pastor or Music Leader to start and stop your service or song. The Broadcast Pix Remote Panel does this by tapping into the powerful Fluent Macros already built into every Granite system.



Using its innovative PixButtons, you always see what source or macro is assigned to each button. As they can change dynamically, you can tell at a glance what will happen - no matter how your panel is configured.


22 Customizable Modes

Remote Panel Set-Up

Using the show editing tools, the Remote Panel can be locked to specific inputs or outputs to limit operator access, ensuring the right sources are available to them at any time. Each mode can also retain different Macro assignment layouts, allowing you to assign different Macros to specific locations for incredible flexibility.

Reach out and Route

Remote Panel Back

Controlled through the same dedicated network as other Broadcast Pix control panels, you can install your Remote Panel anywhere in your facility by connecting a network cable and power the panel locally. You can also install multiple Remote Panels on a single Granite System.

Remote Panel Demo Video
Remote Panel Datasheet


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