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Router Control

Upgrade Now Integrated Control of AJA SDI KUMO Routers

Enjoy Expanded Production Control and Flexibility

Optional AJA KUMO router control is the flexible and cost effective solution to easily integrate external sources into live production environments. It works through a simple TCP/IP connection, to enable integrated control of AJA Video Systems’ KUMO SDI routers to any Broadcast Pix switcher. Ideal for stadiums and production facilities that use multiple sources feeding other house equipment, Broadcast Pix router control provides the freedom to feed any or all available inputs directly on your Broadcast Pix switcher.

Full Router Integration

AJA KUMO routers connect with Broadcast Pix systems through our optimized workflows to provide seamless integration and control over all your sources. KUMO routers assign user-defined names to all their inputs and outputs. Those names become automatically mapped to your Multi-View and control panel through our patented PixButtons. Define your input and output names then enjoy bi-directional control between the router and your switcher. Any changes made on your Broadcast Pix system becomes automically reflected on AJA's router panels and web-based controls and vice versa. And since router assignments are show-based, so you can utilize a single KUMO router to feed different control rooms for easy configuration.

User-friendly Controls

Broadcast Pix integrated router control provides access to your entire facility through a variety of control options. Granite, Mica, Flint and Roadie operators can control KUMO routers from our Fluent-View display, our customizable multi-view solution, with a mouse or touchscreen. Drive control right from your control panel using the source/destination buttons. Or automate control of your KUMO router with Fluent Macros, our file-based macros system, to route multiple sources to a single button. Broadcast Pix and AJA provide the ideal solution to expand your I/O while maintaining complete control of all your show's sources.

Now Available

The router control software option is now available by upgrading to the latest version of V4.5 for Granite and Mica systems and V3.5 for Flint and Roadie systems. The router control option is $495 and now available for download in our Support section. Get router control now!


Integrated Router Control User Interface

Router Control User Interface
Includes the Mica Assignments Window,
router control set-up and PixPad control

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KUMO 1616 > 16 3G SDI inputs and outputs
KUMO 3232 > 32 3G SDI inputs and outputs

Learn more about AJA KUMO routers here

To learn more about our router control options,
contact your local Broadcast Pix representative.

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