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Virtual Set Control


Available for all Flint, Granite and Mica Integrated Production Systems.

Virtual sets is one of several new features available  as a free software upgrade in Video Control Center 3.0 for all 1 M/E Granite and Mica systems that helps you create a sophisticated production with ease.

  Click here for a Virtual Sets Datasheet


Create Your Own Sets

Broadcast Pix virtual sets let you quickly create custom sets. Import pre-designed angles or use the image editor to create a background out of any photo, then crop and blur the image for a close-up background emulating depth of field. Add a real desk or podium to your set for an ultra-realistic look with a functional surface. Then, add keys on top for titles and over-the-shoulder graphics.

Virtual Sets in PiP Boxes

Easily set up to three Picture-in-Picture boxes with virtual sets on top of an animated background. Bring any of them to full-screen, with key layer priority. All of this can be tied to Fluent Macros for consistent quality and ease of use.  

8 Cameras plus 4 Key Layers

You get all of the power of the Broadcast Pix switcher. Up to 8 cameras can have virtual backgrounds, and you can layer up to four keys on top, for Picture-in-Pictures, titles, and animated logos.
Attach a background

Virtual Set Program Out
Virtual Sets Image Editor
Create backgrounds out of any photo

Powerful Look

With Broadcast Pix virtual sets, you can easily elevate the sophistication and quality of your television production. Use the included backgrounds, or import any picture of your choosing. Virtual Sets marry a background with a camera. Then, you simply select them like any other camera on the Preview or Program bus.


With Broadcast Pix virtual sets, your options are boundless.
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