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BPswitch Integrated Production Switchers

Take Control Anywhere with Tablets, Phones, Laptops or Panels 
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      BPswitch features breakthrough control-over-IP functionality, so you can create live productions from anywhere. Use a traditional switcher from a nearby panel, or control it from a tablet, phone or laptop. Even control a distant switcher or distant cameras remotely from anywhere – your local control room, another facility across the country, or even from home. Enjoy unprecedented ease of use and location flexibility for your next broadcast, studio production, church service, government meeting, school production, or live event. With BPswitch, anyone can easily create great live video from any location.  

      Take Control from a Phone   Take Control from a Tablet   Take Control from a Laptop   Take Control from a Panel   BPswitch Control from a Big Panel

      BPswitch Browser Control   Enjoy Secure Cloud Control from a Browser 

    Commander with Touchscreen Control

    Take Control from a phone, tablet, PC or Mac with the Commander user interface. It runs in a browser, so you can be anywhere. It's so intuitive you can learn how to create great live video in minutes! See full-motion video of all cameras for easy switching. Move and zoom cameras. Add titles, clips and effects. Stream. Preview compositions. Even customize Commander for your production.

    BPview Customizable Multi-View

    Take Control of BPswitch in the control room from a traditional panel like other switchers, or switch from hundreds of miles away like no other switcher. This is made possible by accessing our BPview multi-view in a browser. Our patented control panels are already networkable, and now we have a networkable multi-view to go with them. 



      Create Stunning 3D Motion Graphics

    Produce high-end multi-layer 3D motion graphics using hundreds of templates with the integrated NewBlueNTX CG. Easily create and update lower-thirds, bugs, animations, looping effects (like a glint or shine), and more.

    NewBlueNTX is fully integrated within every BPswitch, so you can select or edit your graphics from your panel. Make a last minute change and see your updated graphic appear on the panel’s buttons. Add a separate graphics station with Rapid CG and automatically include data from social media, databases and scoreboards into your production. Collaborate easily through BPNet with NewBlueNTX users on all the popular editing systems, as well as remote BPswitch systems.

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      BPswitch with NewBlueFX 3D Graphics  



    BPswitch Control Diagrams
      Easily Create Live Productions Anywhere

    What if you could control any of your live production studios using a tablet? Now you can. Take Control from your school’s control room with a traditional panel , or wander into the audience with a tablet and control it from there. If the weather is bad, control the show from home. You can also Take Control of the robotic IP cameras in City Hall using the BPswitch at your school. Move and zoom cameras, add titles and clips, stream it to anywhere. Use our ioGates media management to remotely handle your graphics and distribute your production. The flexible future of live production is here today.

    The Affordable Remote Studio Solution

    Remote studios are revolutionizing live production because of the staffing and location flexibility they bring. But other switchers require leasing a big network line for each remote camera to transport uncompressed video to a local switcher, which is prohibitively expensive. In contrast, BPswitch enables the switcher to be located with the cameras and controlled remotely over IP using a typical internet connection, making remote control affordable.



    The IP Future is Here Today with BPNet

    Powered by ioGates' revolutionary cloud-based technology, BPswitch systems feature BPNet – the first comprehensive video management service designed for live production. Through BPNet, you can securely manage all of your media, switch over IP and deliver your content everywhere. 

    Now you can remote control switchers and cameras anywhere from any control surface with super-low latency – so it still feels like you are in next room. BPNet is safe and secure. With extended encryption and two phase authentication, it prevents unauthorized users from controlling a switcher. And its redundant parallel systems mean it is always there. No wonder many national broadcasters relay on BPNet every day. 
       BPNet Control Diagram  



    BPswitch Systems
    Complete Production Control with Hybrid IO

    BPswitch systems feature hybrid SDI and IP I/O, provide up to 22 SDI inputs and 12 outputs, 8 channels of clips and graphics and 4 BPview multi-view outputs. All BPswitch models are upgradeable to 4K and include integrated streaming to Facebook Live, YouTube, Ustream and other CDNs. Other built-in features include a NewBlueNTX graphics system, file-based macros, ClearKey chromakey, Virtual Studios, and optional robotic camera control. Broadcast Pix also offers a range of optional control panels. 

    BPswitch’s control-over-IP capabilities offer low latency, as well as extended encryption and two-factor authentication for secure performance.

    BPswitch runs on a Windows 10 64-bit OS, and includes a 480GB SSD hard drive to record your programming and store all your clips and graphics. Experience the new way to switch with BPswitch.

    The BPswitch Switcher Family

    Learn more about the BPswitch FX, MX, and GX models here

    Take Control Anywhere with BPswitch

    Broadcast Pix is now accepting orders for BPswitch systems. 
    Contact us to learn more.    

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