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Broadcast Pix Commander

Simplify Live Production with Intuitive Touchscreen Control

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Broadcast Pix Commander™ is a breakthrough in switching technology that enables EVERYONE to create great live multi-camera video. It’s built around an automated touchscreen interface that provides robotic camera control, intuitive switching, and easy access to name graphics, agendas, clips, and effects. Commander is ideal for governmenteducation, house of worship, broadcast, corporate, and other live events.

Commander Systems make it easy to:

  • Set-up and start producing live in minutes.
  • Fire up clips, add lower thirds, logos, or split-screen effects at the touch of a button. 
  • Bring in media content from any location. 
  • Control robotic cameras to follow all the action. 
  • Integrate computer presentations.      
  • Stream, record, video on demand. 
  • Post recorded productions to your website or YouTube.
  • Archive all your productions in the cloud.
  • Add Commander touchscreen control to your Roadie, Flint, Mica or Granite switcher.

Commander Solutions

Commander in GVT Meetings


Commander in Broadcast


Commander in Education


Commander in Cathedral


Council Meetings, Public Forums, Department Meetings,
Training & More


News & Talk Show


Student News & Talk
Show Productions,
Distance Learning

House of Worship

Live & On-Demand Webcasts,
 I-MAG Productions, Ceremonies, Conferences, Concerts
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Commander Features

Commander is Easy to Operate

Easy to Operate

Unlike conventional switchers, you can learn how to create great live video on Commander in seconds. Touch any camera or input to broadcast it. Touch a preset to reposition a camera. Create a powerful two-box composition with a touch. Need to add a title? Just touch it. Or touch a video clip and it plays automatically. You can even use the touchscreen to manually zoom or move a camera.

Broadcast Pix Commander Interface Diagram
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Commander is Easy to Setup

Easy to Setup

Commander works with any touchscreen you want, no matter the size. Attach an audio mixer and cameras (robotic, manual, or a combination) using SDI, IP, or HDMI connectivity. Then, choose the Commander layout that matches the number of cameras you have, and use the easy setup screen to capture preset positions for your robotic cameras. Enter your graphics for titles, logos, pictures, and any video clips. Then start producing your live video. Go LIVE in minutes with Broadcast Pix Commander
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BPNet Branded Web Portal

Easy to Share

Why post your productions to a disorganized and ad-supported YouTube site? With Commander, as soon as you finish your production, the included BPNet automatically uploads your recording to your own cloud portal. You control the layout, branding, and audience access, and it’s not littered with other people’s videos.


Easy to Afford

Like some other solutions, Commander is very affordable to buy. But like no other solution, Commander is the most affordable to operate. With its intuitive controls, it no longer takes an extensively trained expert to create engaging live productions. A novice or volunteer can learn how to use Commander in seconds, which saves dramatically on operating costs. Plus, Commander’s streamlined setup means big installation savings. There is no more affordable solution to create great live video.  



Broadcast Pix BPNet

Easy to Grow

Commander is easy to use right out of the box, and is more than powerful enough for most applications. But if you ever more, Commander can grow with you.

Easy to Grow with Commander
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Broadcast Pix BPCommand

Easy to Customize

The Commander touchscreen layout works great for a wide variety of uses, but you can easily modify it to precisely fit your needs with the optional BPCommand toolkit. For example, you can take a picture of your room and use it as a background. Position the camera presets on each chair in the photo, and put the name title buttons below. You can also add more presets, clips, and effects. BPCommand optimizes Command for your production. 

Easy to Add Control

Commander can support both non-technical operators on a touchscreen and traditional operators on a control panel. For example, on a Granite switcher, the Commander interface can be modified using BPCommand to support up to 22 cameras, as well as more external devices, clips, graphics, key layers, and outputs. Commander Option
  Commander is Easy to Upgrade

Easy to Upgrade

In addition to the turnkey Commander system, Commander’s interface is also available as an option on Broadcast Pix integrated production switchers, including Flint, Granite, Mica, and Roadie. As a result, you can operate more complex systems using Commander’s user-friendly interface. The Commander interface option is available now for all new switchers and existing systems when you upgrade your software.


Contact your local Broadcast Pix representative to learn more about Commander.

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