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Rapid CG

Streamlines Graphics Creation with Automated Database Integration

Rapid CG software provides an advanced tool for the creation of data-intensive CG graphics to any Broadcast Pix integrated production switcher. Rapid CG automatically connects with databases, RSS feeds, and custom actions, like score keeping, into templates for customized graphics with little manual effort. Easily add your own rapidly changing graphic content, in real-time, to your next broadcast. Ideal for sports, elections, and other data intensive productions that feature a lot of graphics that change throughout the show. Simply link Rapid CG to a live data source, such as news, sports, weather, clocks, timers, music and scoreboards, and bring your own custom graphic updates live on-air.

2 Models

  • Rapid CG 3 features the ability to output 2 channels, connect to external databases, scoreboards and integrate with news automation software.
  • Rapid CG LT is the light version and features access to RSS, Twitter Feeds and action buttons.


Broadcast Pix Rapid CG


Broadcast Pix Rapid CG

Key performance Features

    • Works with graphic templates created with any Broadcast Pix switcher's built-in CG application
    • Dual-channel connectivity
    • Full social media integration with moderation tools
    • Integrate with Rundown Creator and News King for News applications
    • Integrate with Graphic Outfitters, Sportzcast, OES and Dactronics for Sports applications
    • Import XML, cloud-based XML, RSS, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, CSV databases
    • Create your own action buttons to easily add incremental changes
    • Combine Rapid CG graphics with other media for animated effects
    • Support for conditional editing of database sources allowing for customization of data driven info
    • New Page Link, Database Conditions and easy data source searches

Link Graphics to External Data

Through a simple drag-and-drop operation, Rapid CG links a Microsoft Access or Excel database to a template created in your internal CG application. Live information will automatically begin updating within specific template fields, without the need to re-key data or worry about altering templates.

Rapid CG Integrated Third Party Partners

Seamless Integration

Rapid CG is integrated directly with every Broadcast Pix live video production switcher. One operator can control the production, from switching cameras, controlling content and populating graphics and scoreboards.

Create Custom Action Buttons

Streamline data updates to your template’s logo and text fields with Rapid CG action buttons. Easily create custom action buttons to add incremental graphics even when there is no automated database. Ideal for sports productions, action buttons can be designed to add live scoring updates while eliminating mathematical errors. Create a series of action buttons to fully automate your score keeping.

Stay Connected with Twitter

During games and other live events, stay connected with your audience through social media outlets such as Twitter. Search Twitter and then bring tweets live on air through the Rapid CG engine. Rapid CG’s built-in editor provides a powerful, yet simple interface to manage, edit and sort tweets. Tweets can flow live on air or be prescreened using the built-in management system. Includes moderation tools and supports multiple languages.


Rapid CG is ideal for sports, elections, and other data intensive productions that feature a lot of graphics that change throughout the show. Link them to easy to use graphic templates and enjoy the confidence of controlled and automated updates flowing live on-air.

Rapid CG Custom GraphicsFlow custom graphics live on air

Rapid CG Graphics with Twitter

Stay connected with your audience
with Twitter

With Rapid CG, we were able to efficiently handle the AP News Wire feed and automatically update results. As a public broadcaster, we’ve never been able to do that before, because systems in the past were too expensive.”

John Doran
WHYY chief engineer
PBS member serving Philadelphia, PA 

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