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Take Control of Your Live Productions
Integrated Production Switchers with Optimized Control
  Broadcast Pix switchers have the best integrated control in the industry, enabling you to easily create great, live video. They tightly couple a switcher, CG, large clip store, customizable multi-view, robotic camera control and an extensive set of live production tools. They excel in broadcast, corporate, government, education and church productions.    

  Broadcast Pix Live Production Control   Broadcast Pix Powerful Live Switching Control   Broadcast Pix BPswitch   Broadcast Pix Patented Automation   Broadcast Pix Switchers  

  • The only integrated production switcher with secure cloud control
  • The best control of robotic cameras, routers, recorders, streamers, and slow-motion
  • The only panels where you can select any graphic and any clip
  • The only panels with graphic and clip file names displayed on the buttons  
  • Built-in CG and large clip stores
  • Advanced customizable multi-view
  • Powerful file-based macros
  • Pristine ClearKey chromakey and virtual sets
  • Best media management with BPNet


The Best Integrated Production Switchers for Live Video Production

 Broadcast Pix BPswitch

New BPswitch
Now you can take control of your live productions from anywhere with our breakthrough control-over-IP technology. BPswitch allows live production from a traditional control room or any location using a browser-based interface accessible by tablet, phone, and laptop.
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Broadcast Pix Roadie   Broadcast Pix Flint   Broadcast Pix Mica   Broadcast Pix Granite
Extreme portability for
on-the-go events.
Affordable with 
integrated IP and streaming.
Mid-range IO with
Most powerful with 
up to 22 SDI inputs.

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