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Take Control

of your next production

Take Control with Broadcast Pix


Choose your Switcher

and then choose your control surface

Broadcast Pix Roadie   Broadcast Pix Flint   Broadcast Pix Mica   Broadcast Pix Granite








Extreme portability for
on the go events.

Affordable and includes
integrated IP and streaming.

Mid-range IO with
ultra low latency.

Most powerful with 
up to 22 SDI inputs.


 Coming Soon


New BPswitch family

Coming soon is a new kind of switcher called BPswitch. It enables tablets and phone as well as panels to control it. It breaks new ground in remote control, so you can control it from anywhere over IP with BPNet. All, Granite, Mica and Flint switchers will be able to upgrade to it. Learn More.   
  New BPswitch 

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