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Corporate Solutions

Trainings, Webcasts, Presentations & Events

Contact your local Broadcast Pix representative to learn more.From webcasts to live events, Broadcast Pix integrated production switchers help leading corporations deliver high-impact internal and external communications. Take Control of business presentations, training, education, conferences, and more. Our unique, customizable systems streamline your production workflow and save you thousands of dollars in additional equipment and staffing costs.

Take Control of your live productions:
  • Access up to 22 sources with our multi-format switchers 
  • Plug-and-play all different types of cameras 
  • Control the entire production from your own iPad or laptop 
  • Play clips from your Avid, Apple, or Adobe edit suites 
  • Stream productions live on the web with one-touch CDN presets 
  • Use file-based macros to produce complicated effects with the touch of a button 
  • Create custom broadcast-quality graphics with internal CG 
  • Control devices including PTZ cameras, recorders, and streaming appliances  
  • Drive up to three different screens simultaneously 
  • Low latency and high redundancy  
  • Seamless integration with BPNet cloud-based video workflow service for secure sharing, converting, and distributing content

Broadcast Pix Corporate Productions

User Reports


 Boston Childrens Hospital Mica

Boston Children’s Hospital Makes Mealtime Fun with Broadcast Pix

Boston Children’s Hospital offers a complete range of health care services including a newly renovated Fresh Food Court in which they use to promote healthy eating habits and nutrition. The new environment features a Broadcast Pix Mica 1000, housed on an AV cart along with two monitors, that is wheeled into the Fresh Food Court for productions like interactive cooking demostrations. All productions are broadcast live through the hospital’s in-house network and recorded for future use. With Mica's compact control panel, Summer Menegakis handles all production duties including switching, graphics, and camera control of four Vaddio RoboSHOT PTZ cameras.

I am not a technical person at all. The joystick makes everything pretty seamless. For me, I couldn’t ask for something simpler.”
         - Summer Menegakis, Retail Operations Marketing Manager

Mills James Productions

Mills James Control Room


Mills James Produces High-End Live Corporate Events with Broadcast Pix Granite

Mills James is one of the largest independent video production companies in the region. It maintains an active live event production and staging business, and uses a Broadcast Pix Granite 5000 live video production system for its most high-end corporate events.

Broadcast Pix allows one person to do all the switching. That’s a big advantage.  It basically gives me all these different outputs from one switcher, which I can’t do with anything else at this price.”
         - Bryan Campbell, Video Director and Engineer


SAS Control Room

SAS Installs Broadcast Pix Granite Systems for New Conference Center

The Granite 5000 was originally selected for its auditorium because of its 2 M/E capability, which allows SAS to display slides and other materials on the auditorium’s 30-foot screen for the live audience while simultaneously switching a show that is webcast to employees in other locations. 

It's a good product, it fits our needs extremely well. And the support from Broadcast Pix has been terrific.
        -  Woody Weaver, SAS Senior Manager of Engineering and Operations for (NMVC)


Contact your local Broadcast Pix representative to learn more.

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