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Live Event Solutions

Awards Ceremonies, Sports, Concerts, Satellite Broadcasts, Webcasts

The fast-paced live event production environment requires power and flexibility. Broadcast Pix integrated production switchers let you Take Control of any live event with up to 22 sources, customizable control, and access to all the built-in performance tools you need right at your fingertips. Easily adapt to any production requirement – from a single camera setup to multiple screens across multiple locations – and deliver professional results with less personnel.

Take Control of your live productions:
  • Ingest and scale all sources while maintaining lip sync 
  • Drive your entire production from a touchscreen, control panel or iPad
  • Create complicated effects at the touch of a button with file-based macros 
  • Rapidly access clips, graphics, stills, logos and animations 
  • Control devices including PTZ cameras, recorders, and streaming appliances 
  • Customizable BPView multi-view displays your ideal layout including all sources in full motion 
  • Include social media content in your live productions 
  • Deliver multiple simultaneous outputs, with constant one frame of delay, great for image magnification (I-MAG)  
  • Seamless integration with BPNet cloud-based video workflow service for secure sharing, converting, and distributing content 
  • Produce with confidence with patented high redundancy

Broadcast Pix Live Event Productions


User Reports

JCB Logo

JBC Presentation Theater Control Room

JBC Fluent View


JCB Upgrades HQ Presentation Theatre with Broadcast Pix

JCB upgraded its 250-seat presentation theatre at its global headquarters in Staffordshire, England to HD with 2 Broadcast Pix integrated production switchers. They are used daily for a variety of programs; dealer conferences, product launches, press conferences, internal meetings, and as part of factory tours for customers and the public. Behind the audience, the production control room serves as the central hub for theatre control with a Granite 6000 while the attached technical control room manages the broadcast output (for webcasts and satellite feeds) with a Granite 2000. The 2 Broadcast Pix systems can be used to independently switch simultaneous productions or as a main unit and a backup.

“The Broadcast Pix systems have certainly given us much more flexibility, faster show setup, and the ability to combine several sources across multiple screens to provide a more polished production.”
- Peter Marsland, Video production manager, JCB Worldwide Marketing

Spectrum Productions Logo
Spectrum Productions SEC Coaches Luncheon
Spectrum Productions SEC Luncheon Fluent Macros

Spectrum Productions Uses Broadcast Pix Granite X Integrated Production System for SEC Football Events

Spectrum Productions, an AV production and rental services company, uses a Granite X integrated production system to produce video presentations for the Regions Bank SEC Coaches Luncheon and SEC Legends Dinner in Atlanta. The event staging included two 11x20-foot side video screens for video playback and image magnification (I-MAG), as well as an ultra-wide 52x16-foot, two-projector blend center display positioned behind the stage, all populated exclusively through the Broadcast Pix system.

We wanted the consistency and repeatability of the macros. No matter how many steps, we knew everything was going to be perfect.”
-  Preston MacIntyre, President, Spectrum Productions

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