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Visual Radio

turn your listeners into viewers

Broadcast Pix Visual Radio Customers

Visual radio is a growing trend, as many radio stations around the world are providing live video feeds of their radio programming via the Internet in an effort to turn listeners into viewers. Add a visual kick to your radio broadcast with VOX, the voice-automated production system, that is turning listeners into viewers all around the world.

The intelligence of VOX software control eliminates the need for a technical director during live video productions. When paired with any Broadcast Pix integrated production switcher, VOX automatically detects which microphone is being used and produces automatic video-follow-audio productions. Since it was introduced in 2011, it has been used for visual radio as well as government and corporate meetings for television, Internet, and in-house projection. Broadcast Pix has more than 100 VOX installations across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA).

Key Features

    • Fully automated switching
    • Up to 22 video inputs
    • Up to 128 microphones
    • Up to 12 video inputs
    • Character Generator included
    • Up to 180 hours of clip storage
    • Lots of templates and presets
    • Control devices; PTZ cameras, recorders, and streamers
    • Automate using Fluent Macros and playlists
    • Control panel for manual switching
    • Link to existing radio automation

Broadcast Pix VOX Productions

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User Reports


Ina Expert VOX


Ina EXPERT Installs Broadcast Pix VOX Visual Radio Systems to Prepare Students for Emerging Trend

Ina EXPERT, an international school for broadcasting and new media careers based in France, uses VOX™ visual radio systems at two of its campuses to address the need for training students in radio broadcasting. Their VOX systems are used to record student performances, record courses, and meetings as well as a general complement all hands-on radio vocational training.  

Filmed radio is the future, it was essential to include this module in our training. We decided to install a VOX system for its simplicity and speed. The system is flexible and Broadcast Pix is easy to use.”
         - Bruno Burtre, Deputy director of Ina EXPERT

Q music logo
Q Music Beachhouse

VOX ROCKS the Q-music Beach House

Q-music, a radio network in Belgium and Holland, uses VOX to turn its audio programming into online entertainment for its Web-based audience. Since 2011, Q-music has aired live concerts and other events – while also streaming video coverage of the performances – LIVE from its Q-Beach House in Ostend, Belgium.

The different ways of using the powerful Fluent Macros, combined with power of VOX can give you a lot of freedom! You can use this in so many different ways.
        -  Rudi Wynants, Engineer with Q-music


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